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Top 10 Broken New Year's Resolutions

-Arjun Gurung

New Year's day is that day of the year when you suddenly feel strong and ambitious enough to actually make and state your resolution. But as the week wears on, so does your patience and will. By the end of the fortnight you're back to stage one. “What the heck, promises are meant to be broken”, you nurse your bruised ego.  Well welcome to the group, you’re not alone!

Check out the top 10 resolutions made and broken everywhere, every year!

  1. To spend some more time with the family: Swamped with office work, you seldom get to be at home. So you make a resolution to spend some quality time with your family. You can't stick to your plans because the rest of your family members have their own resolutions!
  2. To learn something new: You think you could use some more knowledge or be a multitalented person. You try to learn new things, but you don’t realize the importance of being a good juggler. When it comes to juggling, you’ve got two left hands.  
  3. To get a better Job: You hate
    your job and your boss is the devil. You’ve been wanting to fire your boss but have been postponing it for some reason, maybe because you realize it’s easier to stick to your boring job than to go out and start all over again. So you decide to hold on another year.
  4. To be a better boyfriend/husband:
    You promise to be true to your girl. You promise not to eye another girl specially when your love isn’t around. But the truth is this resolution keeps you from being true to yourself for you know a guy was meant to be a hunter :
    how can a guy be true to his girl
    when he’s not true to himself?
  5. To get organized: You decide to change your life by being more organized. A month later you can’t find your bike keys in the heap of clothes that lay splattered on the floor. 
  6. To watch less television:
    You decided to watch less television but then comes along that movie you’ve been dying to watch or the cricket game that you can’t afford to miss.You end up hogging the remote control.
  7. To diet: You’re overweight and think you need to go on a diet. But you see the chicken chilly infront of you, you think : I'll start after this meal. You know what happens from there.
  8. To exercise: Unless you are a soldier or an athlete or someone who gets the kicks from exercising, your resolution is going to last as long as a cheap perfume. 
  9. To quit drinking: You tell your friends you’re going to quit drinking. They start laughing, and by the end of it so are you. 
  10. To quit Smoking: Smoking is the love affair you dream to have with a real person. In such a relationship, breaking up only means a better reunion.


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