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If it matters, here are my comments on Miss Nepal 2007

Arati Gurung

Everybody's been talking about it and as I go through papers, watch television reviews and interviews on the topic, I search for the things I'd noticed about the event, but unfortunately nobody mentions them. So today I sit myself to write down just a few of the little yet important points that made this year's Miss Nepal the way it was.

Let me divide the points into two; the good and the bad. Let's begin with the bad.

· Ask anyone, they'll tell you the same thing; there were hardly any contestants who were 'breathtakingly beautiful'. To add on to it, some of them had too much makeup on.

· The stage was plain and dull, in other words, boring. It could have used more glamour and design, as one would expect on the biggest beauty pageant of the country. Many people felt the money spent on those huge 'banner gates' on the road junctions could have been put to better use. I wonder what.

· Years of protesting by right's activists and feminists seemed successful to make an impact on this years' event as most of the wardrobe on stage were 'no skin showing' ones. That's great but that doesn't mean they've all got to be long and shapeless. Compared to the previous two-year's event's, the dresses this year were lifeless. From the performing singers to the contestants, don't you think everyone went overboard with the 'no- skin showing, cultural' look? Style seemed to have walked out the back door.

· Hostess Mahima must have said 'well' seventy times in that one event.

· The 'rule of the pageant is to take off your own crown and place it on the new winners' repeats the hostess as she looks on to the stage while everyone there looks at one another and gives blank stares for an embarrassing minute or two that felt like hours even to the ones watching it at home on TV. Turns out, the 'rule of the pageant' was something else. How could something as important as the crowning ceremony have been misinterpreted?

· What was with the background music? One it was a wild mix of genres and two there was something wrong with the timing.

· We at home don't know what happened at the venue when there was that 'technical problem' that wiped out the event from the screen. But when it came back we assumed that the host must have been having confidence issues because we could hear someone order him 'not to let them (probably the audience) dominate you (him), go on the stage now!' We weren't meant to hear that but we did.

Now on to the good.

· Ex Miss Nepal Sugarika K.C's impressive speech has to be the best moment of the event. We had heard she 'd won a Best Presenter award somewhere but we didn't know she was that good. Her confidence in speech could give a lot of people in the so-called 'hosting' business a run for their money. Such clarity, such command and such a well-written script. It's astonishing how someone so talented has not been approached by any radio or television organization till date. And of course a lot of people had to eat up their words for Ms. K.C appeared as one of the very few pretty women to don that stage that particular night.

· There was an interesting panel of judges this year, a pleasant change from over confident businessmen to more fun loving, 'admittedly nervous' personalities. Bhushan Dahal looked more of a hero with his sheepish smiles and his boyish haircut than the serious Rajesh Hamal who sat beside him wearing his famous black suit (for the hundredth time).

· A majority of the contestants this year had more between their ears than any of the earlier batches. To hear one smart answer shoot after the other, was a joy that any Nepali would've have been proud of!

I don't have the exact word to describe how I felt about the event. Has there ever been a 'perfect' event in Nepal? There's always a technical error somewhere down the line, and there's always a participant who embarrasses us with her answer. The protesting mob has become tradition, one that comes along with the Miss Nepal pageant; one wonders where they disappear when those countless flaky beauty pageants take place. As for the winner, we have yet to see what colors Ms. Sitashma Chand will bring about; we have our fingers crossed.

Putting everything aside, I guess for now we can be content that this year the Miss Nepal contest had improved in an area that really mattered - we had smarter girls on that stage. Here's hoping we get more of that in the years to come.

Sunita Basnet
Kathmandu, Nepal

Comments:...okay to be very honest i missed to watch Miss Nepal 2007 on TV and the very next day i got to know abt who the winners are.But as i went through the pictures i found the same thing tht Aarti wrote in her article.We are supposed to give the event ...talented girls with wide n open mind in international level.Do we think tht it would be happened with such kind of programme mangement?...where there was no signs of impressions from the kind of stage...the kind of dresses tht contestents put on ..their makeups .technical side..n lot more.It is the country''s biggest event n why ppl are not trying to make it as big as it is meant to be....why we are stuck in no skin showing culture as per aarti''s satement?...if we are stuck in these kind of small matters then why we are pretending infront of the world by claimimg tht hey we are modern n yes we have women of today''s world?..if we have the problem of wearimg swimsuit here in! nepal then wht our girls will do while competing internationally?..should they wear phariya ..choli while swimmimg?..i am sure ppl are having problem with the kind of dresses n so tht so called wise ppl took decision in such a way tht girls didn''t even get the kind of dress as per their phisique n beauty...so they went on so called sover dress... lot more things to be improved n get things done..n conclusively let''s focus on international level so tht there may be time when nepai girls will be miss world or universe!

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