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Enough thinking - ask him out!

-Arati Gurung

So you’ve been eyeing him for ages already, for you that could be a day or two or weeks depending on your style but if he gives you the same vibes then lady stop thinking and get moving! It’s no longer the 1920’s, we don’t have to wait for a man to sweep us off our feet and throw his coat over puddles (there are Nepali men who still do that!).

That’s not reason enough to take the risk you say - what if he rejects? I say how can he refuse? You still don’t believe me?

Okay here’s why and how you should take the plunge, so that you won’t have to worry about your image. Listen to the experts – and me.

  • Research in America shows that 97% of men love being asked out – it’s really sexy when a woman is that gutsy. As is in the context of Nepal. One shouldn’t act too cheap by asking every guy she sees, they’ll never take you seriously that way. Behave like a proper lady and use your good manners and slight humor as bait, men love women who can laugh at jokes. Dress your decent and feminine best and see how he melts at your words. Many men are just as shy as women so they’ll appreciate you taking the lead.
  • The best tactic is to leave him wondering and make him think it was his idea. Here’s a great example, get him into the subject of restaurants and when he tells you he loves momo’s, conveniently share his passion and suggest him to try out this ‘fabulous new place at Lazimpat, that serves the best momo’s in the world!’ Add in a ‘I’m up for those momo’s anyday!’ and leave it at that. He’ll be left wondering if you just asked him out! Or better still he’ll ask you out himself! Or if he doesn’t then you won’t have to lose face.
  • If that date happens and it went well - great! You can be rest assured that he’ll call you up for the next one. Men like to be the hunters – at least to think they are, even if we were the one’s who initiated the whole thing! We’re fine with the way nature has built it – a complete role reversal wouldn’t impress neither him nor us. If he likes you enough, he will call but if he doesn’t then, accept gracefully that it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t lose the grace cause it’s what got the first date remember!

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