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Hitting you where it matters for 11 years already!

: 3rd April 2007
Third Eye Restaurant, Thamel
Captured by: Kshitij Regmi
Camera: Canon Powershot A710

April 3rd 2007 – Hits FM turns 11. Like always the voices behind the much-loved station got together to celebrate the Hits way. Thamel’s Third Eye restaurant got busy with the music loving family congratulating one another on the anniversary. Among the glowing faces were also the stations’ previous presenters who were back for the evening: once ‘a Hits FM person’, always ‘a Hits FM person’! Food and drinks flowed in plenty but nothing was more popular that evening than the smiles and the laughs. There were prizes awarded to the best RJ, the best presenter, the best scriptwriter and so on and so forth, as voted by the staff themselves; the list was endless and so was the applause that followed. Check out some of the moments we’ve tried to capture for you. 

11 wonderful years and much more to come. Mr. Jeevan Shrestha, Executive Director Hits FM
 Threesome, Awesome

Sorry Sir, the bar is closed. No more drinks.

 "Did they pay us" Suresh discussing business with Sunil dai.
 "Zero Hour" - Time for a close up Saurav.
 Jolly- Jolly always in a good mood. Yanik at his best.
 Wow! Who's that girl?
 "Wah Guru, Kya Baat hain "- Safar, Manoj and Arjun.
 "I've been wanting to say this for a long time...." , Prabhat and Supriya.
 "And the winners are...." - Trishna and Kala announcing the winners.
 Arjun thinks the rest of the bunch are crazy.
 Har! Har! Har!...He-Haw!
 "Always up, Never Down" Alok and Trishna. Vinay -"Mera number kaab... "
 Kala and Shruti - not much to talk about huh?
 The younger generation at Hits FM...Lorina, Shanti and Shweta.
 Hey, Let me in on the joke too!
   - "...And these are my monkey's"
 Exclusively Pink - Kabita, Shova and Bina


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