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Parenting Tips for SLC Exams

The 'Iron Gate' of S.L.C daunts even the best of students. How can you as a parent/gaurdian help your child overcome this pressure?

We suggest you some ways to help your child stay focused for the exams.

1. Do not expect too much from your kid. He already has enough expectations of himself and his own moments of doubts.

2. Make sure your child does not over stress himself. The last thing he needs is stress at this moment. Bribing him with promises is a definite "NO".

3. Help your child make a plan. Taking into consideration the exam routine help him devise a nice effective plan for revising.

4. Help your child with his revision. Help him test himself on what he has just revised.

5. Do not overlook other factors like sleep and meals. Make sure he takes his meals properly and gets enough sleep. A tired mind and fatigued body can cause anxiety and loss of performance.

6. Help him prepare himself mentally for the exam. Help him learn to relax and recollect his thoughts. Tell him not to dwell on his past efforts and not to worry on his future. Help him tackle the present.

7. You wouldn't want your child to miss some crucial time just because he forgot his admit card or had to wait for a compass from a nearby student. Make sure he doesn't forget such crucial equipment.

8. Set some time to communicate with your child. Help him share his problems so the both of you can work together on it.

9. This is a tough one - to know when your help is becoming interference. Help your child but do not interfere.

10. Most important of all, be there for your kid. Knowing that you are on his corner of the ring will help gain confidence.

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