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-Kshitij Regmi

Every morning my inbox is filled with emails with subject’s ranging from ‘help this poor girl’ to ‘enhance your…..’ you know it well.

No matter whoever sends it to me I usually ignore them but this mail I could not stop reading and forwarding it families and collegues. I tried to forward this to every one and later realize why not to enasha readers.

The email is based India’s early exit from the world cup which has made Indian fans to curse everything. Indians who treated big names such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid as gods are now listening to comments that the players had never dreamt of. The issues has reached parliament and Indian cricket is in the verse of an overhaul.

This email takes all the seriousness away from the issue and has a fresh look towards the issue. Take a look at the email

Kshitij Regmi

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