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White Party at JBar

: 30 March 2007
Event: White Party
Organizer: Mukhiya
Location: JBar, Kathmandu
Captured by: eNasha team
Camera: Canon Powershot A710


This time on city sighting we tumbled upon white party on J Bar .  The themed party gathered a good crowd and it seemed like  party's by good organizers can be a success.

The ever mesmerizing lights of jbar

Bartenders following the white party theme.

Organizer Mukhiya getting close with Amita

Hey! My fren is drunk, not me.

Upasana and Sweta...looking gorgeous in white

eNasha team warming up with calsberg

The animal prints are surely in.

Sonam with his fiance Shiba

I wonder what's in that plastic bag.

2 bold and beautiful ladies


Newly wed Shurid and Arati following the theme completely with a broad smile

Whats Cooking there?

Let me face the camera too

Men in white 1

Smile please!

Min, Karma and Bobs in their favourite colors

Not that close.....please

Showing up early are gaurav & his frenz

Drink's in our hands, we feel like men

Mandil making moves with Trishna

Supermodel Sonu with Satish

Its time to smile

Masuj, Kishor and Jhangmu Da, looking right into the camera

Rajan, welcome to the white world

We are family!

Baby can i hold you toinght?

Bartenders looking busy like bees

Hot dance floor....hotter people

Outfit or back...which one do you think is sexier?

Bidisha looking awesome in white

Men in White 2

Throw your hands up in the air

Lady with supernatural power

Guess who is this lady in white?

Black& White

White & White (Ha..Ha..)

Sonam and Maya taking break from dance


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