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For the good of the Game
Arjun Gurung

India and Pakistan, two of the superpowers in the world of cricket, have been unbelievably knocked out of the world cup in the Caribbean, before even reaching the super 8.

Both the nations were strong contenders for the world cup, but India blew their chance and Pakistan the ‘Goliath’ were whipped by some ‘Davids’. The result was shameful and tragic. Indian fans as usual burned dummies & posters of their heros and the Pakistani coach paid with his life.

Cricket, like any other sport, is just a game. One team loses and the other wins. If each loss should cost a life or receive displays of public wrath, then there is something terribly wrong with the mentality of the fans. This phenomena, however, is not limited to cricket only. Football, the most popular sport in the world, also has numerous known cases of   violence and murders. David Beckham too had to face an angry mob and death threats in Britain in 98.

What causes these outbursts of uncontrollable rage? Is it only disappointment? Or is it also jealousy and the vandalistic nature in some of us? Is the media guilty of making us expect more of our players and responsible for the exaggeration of humiliation when we lose? Or is it altogether a new cultural trend we are moving into?

Yes, sport is all about competition, but before that, it is entertainment. We should learn to enjoy the game and respect the efforts the players (& coaches) put into it. The development, well-being and preservation of any sport lies within the hands of its supporters. The game, the players and the respective associations require our support.

Let us follow the true spirit of sportsmanship. Let us watch the game in the spirit in which it was played. Let sports be the way it was meant to be- pure, clean fun. This - friends is, ‘for the good of the game’ we all truly love.

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