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Arati Gurung

 It’s not raining yet the city’s shops are selling umbrellas like hot cakes. With the sudden heat waves taking over Kathmandu, it’s impossible to travel without an umbrella. Whether it be for men or women, the umbrella has become a necessity for those who hit the streets everyday. And when an item becomes a necessity, you can’t help but make sure that the one you own is the best in both quality and style.

 Like the umbrella there are a couple more accessories that the summer temperature demands you adorn. For your convenience we present you with a list of five of the most important fashion items to cheat the heat, but in style.

For her:

Chiffon Scarves: Available at prices ranging from NRS 95 to 200 and above. Choose refreshing light colors in patterns of flowers or dots. Stripes and checks can appear a bit dizzying and hence give a negative effect. Scarves add class on simple tops and shirts; they also act as a diversion for those who are insecure about the chest area. Scarves can also be used as stylish hair bands and tie-ups.

Vests: Wear a smart vest underneath an open shirt and get the casual cool look and if it gets too hot, take the shirt off. Vests also work wonders under cropped shirts and tiny jackets. Flimsy transparent tops can be wearable because of a good vest underneath. Vests are available at prices as low as NRS 100 but investing in a quality vest will save you the embarrassment of cloth balls appearing later.

Cropped pants: The perfect pants for summer are the cropped pants. The pants give off a cool look without exposing big thighs and calves as do shorts and mini skirts. Cropped pants are available at rates of NRS 700 and above depending on style and material.

Huge bags: The heat waves make you carry all that stuff; from face wash to sunscreen to deodorants and what not, for you never know where you might need to wash your face again. A huge bag lets you freshen up whenever you want. Be sure to keep it stylish by adorning fashionable and colorful bags. Straw bags and cloth bags make the best deal for the summer. Prices start from NRS.600 and onwards.

Flats and flip-flops: There are a lot of trendy slippers and flip-flops out in the market today; they go well with anything from skirts to skinny jeans. Prices begin from NRS 200 and above.

  For him:

 Baseball Caps: Caps that are netted at the back are the best option for those who sweat plenty. Stay stylish by choosing colored caps and ones that aren’t found at every nook and corner. Be choosy with the brands and the design. Prices begin from NRS 300 and above.

Calf length shorts: If you’re thinking shorts, think calf length shorts. These shorts are just right as they don’t show much of those hairy legs and yet still shout ‘summer’! The best choice is the shorts in khaki, but if you can handle it, calf length shorts in white can cool even the hottest of days. Prices range from NRS 1100 to 1600.

White t-shirt: Just like the vest for the woman, the white t-shirt for the man works wonders. Wear it under an unbuttoned shirt or wear it as it is, the shirt will look good no matter what. Branded shirts have better quality and remain so longer. Prices begin from NRS 1000 and onwards.

Back packs: Yes, that little belt bag is easy to buckle on and it’s just right for the small stuff you need to carry but honestly does it have style? Nope. Back packs on the other hand look great, whether you carry tie in both arms or leave one to dangle. A man with a back pack appears smart and sexy; just make sure it’s not too big and do not keep it dirty. Back packs range from prices of NRS.700 and above depending on quality and material. Of course branded bags are always better than ones that aren’t.

Slippers and flip-flops: Men’s summer slippers don’t always mean those thick leather slippers - although they do look nice at social gatherings. As for regular wear to the market or a relative’s house, colorful flip-flops paired with nice summer attire can also look great. There are various designs available if you search carefully and no, they’re not always found at a branded store. The prices start at NRS 250 and above.
There you have it, five of the must have summer fashion items for the most stylish men and women, the surest way to beat the heat in style.

 And lastly, a word on the umbrellas – choose colors other than black. Even for men, black umbrellas not only work the opposite of sun protection but they’re also not a very fashionable choice.

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