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Gully Cricket

: 28 March 2007
Location: Tudikhel, Kathmandu
Captured by: Kshitij Regmi & Achyut Koirala
Camera: Canon Powershot A710

Gully cricket has been a part of every cricket lovers in this country. Almost all national players have started their professional carreer in the streets.  We wanted to explore the action and advernture of gully cricket so we made our first stop at tundikhel. 

Nice wrist action. With this spirit, practice and whole lot of luck, who knows he might be in the National team  

"Beaten by pace"

This is the "Doosra" - The ball had beaten the batsmen.

A match in progress in Tundikhel. Arguably, all the  National players have shown their talent  in this ground.  In the backdrop lies the famous 'Sahid Gate'

"We set an attacking feild" Planning the game and the future.

Textbook forward defensive shot.

"Its my turn" One ball for each batsmen.



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