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Arati Gurung

For centuries, pink has been a woman’s favorite color, making men insecure about letting anything pink fall upon them. Lately the scene has changed. The pretty color no longer limits its charm to women as some of the hottest and the most successful men have been found flaunting the shade – proving that real men wear pink.


What makes pink so attractive? It’s because you take one look at the color and you can’t help but look again, the effect works on your behalf as you earn a second glance and who knows what can happen from there. It’s not only about the pleasing effect of the shade, but being the most loved color by women, you’re sure to score big time.


Here’s what pink says about you, you’re upbeat, in good health, you’re calm, friendly, faithful and compassionate. So if a man wears pink, his image is smart, sensitive and sexy, all the three major ‘S’s women desire in their men.


Wear pink and you’ll feel refreshed. No matter what color you team up your pinks with, be it black, grays, blues or whites, the result is always very pleasant. At work, use pink shades to bring life back into your mundane suits and watch it influence your behavior.


If you’re still not too sure about getting into the color, take it step by step. Start with a pink tie or a pink t-shirt under your open white shirt. However you do it, try the color on.


In this heat, you can count on pink to take you places in a breeze!

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