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Living on a Dream

Dipak Ratna

One sunny afternoon when I was out with my friends roaming around a farming village called Ichangu, which is located behind the Swyambu Stupa; I came across these “self made” bodybuilding equipments (see picture). As you can imagine, I was impressed and curious to know whom they belonged to, how it was made and everything else.

My excitement triggered an investigation and I started looking for the body working these dumb bells. I waited beside the creation and soon appeared a young man, a farmer’s son. He blushed when he heard of my interest in his equipments. His embarrassment emerged as a bright shade of pink on his pale face. I decided to stop the interrogation and just talk normal with him for a while.  Slowly he opened up and amazed me with his confession of dreaming to be Mr. Nepal someday. Hence the dumbbells. But you need proper training, I told him and he proudly told me he was training himself well. He went in and brought back a tattered training book and two old and worn out bodybuilding magazines, which he said he refers to for inspiration and guide.

I was touched, but more than that I was impressed. The boy’s dream, his will and his self-management was impressive. There was no deterrent for his passion.

I thanked him for his time and wished him all the best. He didn’t want his face to appear and allowed only his “equipments” to be photographed. When I insisted, he told me that he would allow his photographs to be taken only when he takes part in the Mr. Nepal contest!

I left with a feeling of great appreciation and pride for this young man. I pray he never stops dreaming; something in me says I think he never will.

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