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I had heard and some read about great leaders of the Globe like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Bernard Shaw, Rani of Jhansi, Joan of Arc, a few to name,  though not comprehensively of these Posthumously renowned personalities. And I had always that latent fervor within mine jaded mind that even if I can't become one as such, at least would inculcate a cursory of one or the other virtues or traits these stalwarts possessed. Thus, while in school I took part in the LTS program that our school had pioneered a long time back, which i had heard had been imbibed by some other schools in India and Nepal as well. Oh! hold on! LTS literally means Leader Training Service if I  can still remember it, I guess the name sufficed for me falling into it.

I had somehow though meager of learnt its motive, as to prepare us in a small way for the future leaders opt by the nation if not at least by  this noble society. While in the LTS we had to stringently follow various rules, do socially productive work, beside the personality development which had the bearing in the society ( though there are many other things which due to space constraint I wouldn't be able to relate to).
So after finishing my school and getting enrolled into a college, i had that pompous feeling that now i had the traits to become one of the leaders of this society if not the whole nation. But to my surprise, bemused to see all the above leaders' Carbon copy or might i say prototype would be the right word to use, in every nook and cranny of Katmandu, especially public colleges  rife with them, which later on I happened to find my place to pursue my higher study, Degree level course. Believe me, these Tom Dick and Harry leaders knew so much about politics, I could somehow know from their bragging about different local leaders of their Community affiliated to various party, while it was beyond the parlance of my brain to get the name of the long list of status-qua  ministers. I guess, leaders of Developed nation would have found it amazing too to hear their ravishing Bhasans.

I too was desperately in look out for any opportunity to avail to flaunt my leadership quality that I harbored but was always superceded by these Tom, Dick and Harry local leaders. Thus, finally I was pacified by my mind coming to realize that there were still other qualities that were amiss and missing within me that these heroes possessed. Let me try to narrate a short farcical incident to somewhat justify what other traits we ought to have to become real leaders.

Let me try to elucidate on a person with such leadership qualities while pursuing at Degree level, which made him one such conventional leader of our class who is destined to become the leader of this nation too, who knows, that is, the representative from our class. Before he won that position, he talked to us very cordially and politely with an air of thorough Gentleman always wearing a smile often displaying his set of white teeth, that compelled us to vote for him as the representative of our class.

Whenever we used to be in groups he just barged in and would start with his candid guff irrelevant to us though ravishing at times. Once if I can reminiscence, this quirky chap came to us and said " hey we need to do something to get our classes going regularly and smoothly, and I'll do all that I can do to see everything went fine." I was also pretty moved by his that suave and amiable gesture. Finally he became the leader of our prestigious class. Have you a hunch as to what happened after that! He was often an exotic or should I say a rare specimen. Whenever, some problems regarding the study would crop up and we in dire need of  him to get them settled, he wouldn't be there at the scene of problem like the Macavity of T.S. Eliot and like the Scotland Yard we had to go in search of him. That's why I often thought an apt name for him would be "Hidden Paw." Sometime he would dawn upon in the college premises, rarely we would find him in the class listening to lectures but most of the time I would spot him with some lecturers giving his guff as usual, and of course that smile hasn't waned down for them but only for us now. Leave aside smile, whenever he passed us by he used to put up such quirky behavior as though we were aliens to that college. Oh! Yes!  another  good quality those aspiring to be leader should possess is must have superb intelligence, because this leader of our class who is destined to be the future leader of this nation tomorrow, as maybe quite a number of the present leaders of this country have come up using the similar rung and ladder, too had this quality. Otherwise would he have come out with flying colors with quite an impressive  academic marks, without attaining much of the classes. While it was a real Herculean task for many of us to get above the average line, and particularly for me though I thought I had given the best try, probably because I was away from the stereotypic subject matter. Now I've heard this leader of our class has become Guru of the Shishyas (since he's a teacher of some college), and I'm quite sure he'll become a much  revered leader of the nation someday. But, I too have learnt some of the tricks of the trade of leadership and still learning. Who knows in the near future, I might also become the great leader of this nation so opt. Are you the one also?

the writer can be reached at basraj@hotmail.com

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