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The Storyteller

 Arjun Gurung

It’s mid-afternoon but dark and cold as if it were already the end of the day, all because it’s raining. But the rain passes through me and my thoughts, it’s the wind that amazes me and leaves me waiting for more. As it howls and dashes across; like always it’s got a story to tell, a secret to reveal, some knowledge to share. I sit up attentive to hear what the wind will tell me this time.

Have you ever lent an ear to the wind, to listen to its stories of faraway lands, of its travels and of its adventures?

Take a moment to listen to the gale with its Apache like war cries boasting of its raids over human settlements. Take in to its silent whispers in the branches, like a mothers lullaby. The wind, with which the cupid flies, talks about love as it blows through the hair of the countless lovers it meets. Then on to its naughtier side – which laughs at the number of skirts it has lifted and the innumerable fluttering scarves it’s romanced. You might hear the tales of floating glaciers, snaking mountain passes and the lives of Eskimo’s as narrated by the North winds. Or the South winds relate his flight over the warm oceans and the smooth feel of tanned bodies in bikinis.

  Pay attention to the wind as it casts its pearls of wisdom. Pay heed as it tells you its age old secrets – like what heaven actually feels like, how old the earth really is, or of civilizations its seen rise and fall. The wind has a lot to tell if you ever lend an ear.

The sun appears from behind the clouds. Its lights refract in the drizzle, making it brighter. The trees no longer dance. The party is over. For now the wind has gone some place else, to tell his tales, to keep its promise. But it’ll be back with more exotic stories from around the world, with its vivid descriptions that allow your imagination to form pictures galore. You can count on that, for there’s no other story teller quite like the wind.


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