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Ghosts want to be noticed – you read it right, ghosts want to be noticed, that explains all the scaring they do to get our attention!

 I can’t say I know a lot about ghosts nor can I confidently say that I have been haunted by one, because I have had a weird moment back when I was a hosteller during my school days.

 It was a time when many of the boarders were off on home vacation; a couple of us were to leave the next day. At night, I was the only one to sleep in the far corner of the room. It was huge old building of the Rana times and so yes, anything was possible. I had heard plenty of stories about how the girls had been spooked but sleep was too precious for me to think of anything else when I slid into bed that night. After what seemed a while, I was startled awake by my rattling bed; it was a double bed – you know the kind- made of iron rods and piping, since I’m a light sleeper, the noise was enough to wake me up but it was the shaking that was unbelievable! My first thought – oh my god an earthquake! But something in me made me reach out to the railing of the bed next to mine and then it was when I sat stunned - the other bed was as still as a rock. I leaped out and ran to a friend to whom I explained my experience in a shivering yet very hushed voice. She was the least bit surprised and she didn’t even bother to get up - you can imagine how ghosts had become so common already. I silently lay beside her, praying - I don’t remember when I dozed off. Was it for real or was it just a figment of my ‘very powerful’ imagination?

Whatever it was, it is till today the only story (and I pray it to be the only one) I tell to my friends whenever it’s my turn to say something on the topic. I know some people who claim they’ve encountered the dead, some state they’ve met friendly ghosts while some say they have one at home! It’s always interesting to listen to ghost stories, the intense feeling you get and the environment that builds up after the whole saga of telling such haunting story tales is one like no other. No matter how you may tremble, toss and turn later that night, you rarely miss out an opportunity of hearing ghost stories.

If I were to write down every ghost experience I’ve ever heard, I’d run out of words but the stories wouldn’t end. So instead I share with you the most interesting facts on ghosts as presented on the site, Legends of America.

  •      Ghosts are pranksters
  •   Ghosts have no sense of passing time
  •   Often, they do not know that they are dead
  •   Sometimes they exist in a state of confusion, perhaps like being stuck  in a  dream
  •    Most ghosts can't or won't hurt you
  •   Ghosts can smell things and love the smell of lemons
  •   Ghosts have a sense of humor and love to hear humans laugh.
  •   Sometimes ghosts get bored with their surroundings
  •   Most ghosts are happy, but some still cling to an emotional pain.
  •  They can appear to the living in dreams
  • They can leave behind certain scents, such as perfume.       
  •  They can make sounds that are audible.
  •   They use their energies and ours to move things.
  •   They usually appear as intense balls of light called orbs that are neon  blue or violet
  •  Ghosts favor night due to the decrease in daytime energy use
  • Ghosts may appear as mists or vapors
  • A hooded black smoky figure is a dark entity and you should be careful around   them They usually appear at the foot of beds.
  • Some alleged hauntings are actually a "residue," which is a past event that         replays itself over and over
  • Certain places are portals or vortexes where ghosts transport themselves.
  • Hauntings are most intense around children entering puberty, as kids   this age are emitting immense amounts of energy.
  • Ghosts can read your thoughts.
  • Ghosts retain all the memories and emotions of their lives.
  • Sometimes ghosts are trapped and need to be released. Let them know they can move on.
  •   Noisy, troublesome ghosts are known as poltergeists
  •  Ghosts tend to be very temperamental.
  •  If a spirit was a jerk while living, they will probably still be a jerk while a ghost.
  •  Ghosts hang out in cliques with other ghosts.
  •  Ghosts make friends with other ghosts from different eras.
  •  If you hear a strange whisper in your ear when sleeping, it is probably a ghost.
  •  Ghosts do not sleep.
  •  Ghosts like to climb up and down stairs at night.
  •  Animals can see or sense spirits, that's why you often see them just staring  intensely at what appears to be nothing.
  •   If you are being haunted, if you simply ask them to leave, they will.  Say  something like "I know you are here but you are scaring me please leave."
  • When a ghost enters a room, the room usually gets cold.
  •  Animal ghosts exist and have been sighted.
  •  Ghosts who lived hundreds of years ago keep up with the trends
  •  Children perceive ghosts as imaginary friends.

Another interesting find! Cellphones Spook Ghosts!

According to an expert in England, mobile phones are killing off ghosts.  Tony Cornell of the Society for Psychical Research told a British newspaper called the Sunday Express that reports of ghost sightings began to decline when mobile phones were introduced some 15 years ago.

"Ghost sightings have remained consistent for centuries” said Cornell, of Cambridge in Eastern England. "But with the introduction of mobile phones 15 years ago, ghost sightings began to decline to the point where now we are receiving none."

Apparently paranormal events, which some scientists put down to unusual electrical activity, could be drowned out by the electronic noise produced by phone calls and text messages.

If your personal experience with ghosts state otherwise than what has been mentioned here, then remember these facts are findings based on American ghosts not Nepali!


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