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5 Rules for Good Meetings

Despite knowing the importance of the meetings it is usually a compulsion for executives and middle level managers to actively participate . The problem is not with the meetings but with the way it is conducted. Doing meeting in a good way does not mean taking your staff for a night out in Nagarkot and discussing your financial plan. In fact there are some simple rules which you can follow to be specific and make them meeting more productive.

Rule 1 Time Limit

Most meetings are so long because they're not effectively run. Set a time limit and stick to it. Jennifer Goodrich, president of Benchmark Leadership Training, ensures that she sticks to the schedule by limiting everyone to two minutes of speaking time.

Rule 2 Set Agenda

Make sure there is an agenda and that everyone in attendance gets a copy of it prior to the meeting. That way, they know how to prepare. An agenda also helps participants stay on point.

Rule 3 Follow a Decision Process

If the meeting is called to decide something, make sure there's a decision-making process in place. Will it be majority rules? Or does everyone in attendance have to agree?

Rule 4 Invite Decision Makers

Invite the right people to a meeting. There must be someone with the authority to make a decision in attendance.

Rule 5 Follow Up

At the meeting, set deadlines for what you want to accomplish and make sure there is a follow-up process. That way, great ideas translate into action.

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