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Smart Shopping = Saved Money

The importance of saving money is something that no one needs to teach the other. You need to save money for serious stuff like your heath, education and also for buying your girlfriend that golden ring as the valentine gift.  You may save money in piggy bank or the real bank account. But one of the best ways to save money is smart shopping.

If you plan your shopping before going to Kathmandu Mall you might save that precious 1000 bucks for the Friday’s party and at the end of the month you will be surprised that your salary is still with you.
Here are some basic money-saving strategies that will help your money go a long way.

Step 1. Reality check

Before making any big purchases, stop and make sure that your emotions are not the ones making the decisions. People tend to make irrational decisions based on their wants rather than their needs. I recommend that you analyze your personal situation and get a grip on reality before making any big purchases.

Do you really need the 25000 30 GB iPod, or can you settle for the 10,000 iPod Nano that will serve your needs just fine?

Step 2. Shop around

Before committing to a final purchase, we recommend that you shop around. Browsing for alternatives doesn't take much effort and in the end, it will save you from nasty surprises and can literally save you hundreds and thousand of your hard earned money.

If you don't have the time to shop around, I suggest that you at least get all the details from one merchant and then call others to compare prices. When you get the lowest price, go back to the original merchant and tell him that if he beats the lowest price, you will definitely buy the product from him.

Step 3. Bargain..Bargain and Bargain

Some people are too proud to bargain down a final price or use coupons to save money. But you'd be surprised to know that it is usually the wealthy people who bargain the most. This would explain why they're so wealthy; they know the value of their hard-earned money and are not eager to part from it.

Just follow the 123 steps mentioned above while shopping and you are a wealthy man.

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