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RN Joshi : The art pioneer

~The Cheeguz

One of Nepal's leading artists, late Rama Nanda Joshi has been credited for ushering in modernization in the Nepali art.

An artiste renowned for his landscape paintings, Joshi also founded Park Gallery, Nepal’s first modern art gallery, which opened in 1968 near Ratna Park in downtown Kathmandu. And the gallery was the venue for the book launch, “Rama Nanda Joshi: Aadhunik Kalama Nepalipan Ko Prarambha Bin.”

On the occasion of his 73rd birth anniversary, August 9th, the book penned by artist and art critic Mukesh Malla was jointly inaugurated by Bairagi Kainla, the Chancellor of Nepal Academy and Kiran Manandhar, Chancellor of Fine Arts Academy.

Joshi, who passed away at 48, painted mostly in oils and water colors and delved with acrylics, later part of his life. A graduate from JJ School of Art, Mumbai, he is credited for pioneering and introducing the art of impressionism in watercolor landscape paintings in Nepal.

An avid traveler, his journey took him to various parts of the country and it was through his vision and art that the world got its first glimpse of the country.

Speaking about his experience, the author, Malla shared, “I wrote the book with authentic information from his family itself about the artist that Joshi was. It gives a glimpse into the life of an adventurous painter.”

Divided in four parts, the book presents a remarkable vision of the artist’s journey and his many talents. A collector’s item or a source of inspiration for upcoming artists, the book commemorates the life of an art virtuoso whose contribution still undulates through the Nepali art stratosphere.

Appreciating the effort put in by author Malla, Director of Park Gallery and son of Ramananda Joshi, Navin Joshi said, “Malla has done a commendable job, and the book will help preserve the legacy of an artiste who devoted his life for art.”

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