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Beer Lovers Ahoy!

~ Alok Thapa

A good drink is the perfect accompaniment to great food, friends and conversation. And those with an affinity for beer will truly appreciate Nepal’s first all natural premium beer, Coblenzer. Sip into Germany’s favorite styles of beer Pilsener and Märzen, now available for the discerning beer lovers in Nepal all thanks to Sthapit & Schlau P. Ltd. in collaboration with United Breweries.

Coblenzer beer embodies the brewing excellence perfected by master brewer, Thomas Schlau. First class raw materials from Germany brewed in local natural spring water makes it Nepal's first all natural and distinctly premium beer. The 650 ml of pure liquid heaven will leave most of the party jaws dropping by both selection and price. Quench your thirst for quality beer with Coblenzer Pilsener and Coblenzer Märzen, priced handsomely at Rs 145 and 155 respectively. Considering its exclusivity, the company does not wish to mass produce, that’s a good tag. Cheers!

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