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Dodging Seasonal Illness

Kshitij Regmi

The sudden change in weather has compelled people to reopen their boxes and bring out warm clothes. If you look at the general trend of the weather in the past years we usually have the mercury rising after holi. Its  Chaitra already and the past three days we have been witnessing a sudden climate change reminding us that the winter is still not gone.  

Running nose, fever, and headaches are the common problems we suffer. We  consulted with  Dr. Saurav Bahadur Singh to inform you about the common illness and the precautions to be taken during the season change.  Dr Saurav is practicing medicine in Mercy Catholic Hospital Philadelphia, USA.

 * The following information are based on the consultation with a practicing medical officer. We suggest you to refer to these points in case of illness but not completely rely on them .

 What to dodge from?

Respiratory Illness: Common Cold, Pneumonia (among the elderly and young people)
Gastro Intestinal Illness: Cholera, Diarrhea Jaundice, Hepatitis

 What causes them?

The fluctuating temperature and our carelessness cause most of the illness. The cold winds in the morning and hot afternoons allow the virus to be active. The mosquito breeding sites starts to be active season. Temperature fluctuation will promote viral multiplication.

 What do I do to prevent these diseases?

Don’t expose, wear warm clothes until you have real summer.
Protect yourselves from pollution, use face mask.
Select proper eating places and choose good food.
Follow basic cleanliness measures.

 What is the best treatment?

For Cold:
Do not take medicines haphazardly
Take a lot of fluid
Wear warm clothes in layers. It’s easier to remove and put back in if required.
Take steam and other herbal drinks
Gargle with luke warm water
If you have high fever takes a pill (only if necessary)
For children and elderly people take extra care.

 For Intestinal Illness
No medicines without professional medical consultation
In case of diarrhea take a lot of fluid. Jeevan Jal is the best solution (can use similar alternatives)
If you have serious problem get a medical attention. 

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