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Hamro Des, Hamro Sandes

~ Alok Thapa

Nepal Ko Yuwa “NKY” is a global Nepali youth movement striving for positive impact towards individual and societal growth. The youth initiative organization recently organized a youth summit, Yuwa Bhela, with the theme “Hamro Des, Hamro Sandes,” during the annual ANA (Association of Nepalis in Americas) convention on July 3-4, 2010 in Boston, USA. The summit was organized to celebrate, support and connect youth working in social change for Nepal and Nepalis. The highlights of the event were the three forums– “Social Change Forum”, “Career Development Forum” and “Next Step Together Forum”.

Rabindra Mishra, Head of BBC Nepali Sewa and Founder of Help Nepal Network delivered the keynote speech during the kickoff of the Yuwa Bhela on July 3. Talking from Nepal over video conference, he stressed the need to cultivate a culture of practical philanthropy among Nepalis world-wide. Dr. Pukar Malla, a Harvard Kennedy School Masters in Public Administration candidate and a co-founder of the NKY movement talked about the need to create an active and engaging global youth community to help each other and to help Nepal, especially in resolving a critical leadership crisis in Nepal. Mr. Simon Dhungana, the President of ANA congratulated NKY and the youth-led groups at Yuwa Bhela on their efforts and pledged the support of ANA in furthering the NKY vision.

During the Social Change Forum, nine youth led organizations in Nepal and America presented on the projects, mission, challenges and opportunities faced by their organizations. The forum highlighted challenges and opportunities of fundraising, non-profit management, working in remote Nepal, and the possibility of future collaborations.

During the Career Development Forum, sixteen Nepali experts including Mr. Mahabir Pun gathered to help young Nepali students and young professionals on résumé editing, graduate school application, professional development and social entrepreneurship.

Several members of NKY convened for the Next Step Together Forum to discuss ways to improve collaborations among Nepali youth leaders and social organizations throughout the world and to plan for more events in the near future.


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