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Kshitij Regmi

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that bike attention is inversely proportional to the bikes age. We have seen bikes that once belonged to grand pa running smoothly with pride on the streets of Kathmandu while we also see the latest models of bikes shedding smoke like anything. Like a lot of things in life, our bikes get good attention in it’s early years of ownership and the care tends to decline over the years as you excuse yourself by stating you ‘hardly have the time’. But you know you aren’t doing justice to your bike by pretending a blind eye will make things better.

 We have developed a few of the basic bike care tips based on our experience which can help you maintain your bike to give you maximum performance.

 5 Golden Rules of Bike Care

1.Ignoring is not a solution:  We have a tendency of ignoring the smaller problems in our machines, when in truth it’s because these problems build up that we get a major problem. If your bike makes a disturbing noise then it definitely means that something is wrong. Make sure you note the problem and visit a mechanic close by. There’s usually at least one bike workshop in the block. Remember a loose nut can cause a major accident.

 2. Regular servicing: This depends upon the type of bike and the time it spends on the roads. On an average, with our driving condition, a bike needs good servicing every month. If you are unable to give it for servicing make sure you change the oil; this ensures a healthy engine. Regular servicing with oil change does not cost you more than NRS 800, so it’s wise to set aside the amount from your salary every month.

3. Avoid lending:  One hand driving and care is the secret for your bikes’ long life. Remember how reckless you were with your friend’s bike- well atleast not as careful as you are with your own. Only lend bikes when it is an emergency. If it is important take the person in need with you.

4. Thoroughly check your bike before moving on long trips: Before going for that dirt trip or a long trip to Pokhara make sure you get your bike inspected. Check the Oil leves, the brakes and the air filters. It is always recommended to take the bike for a full servicing before taking that long trip. We also suggest you to take the bike to the service center and check t for the faults, if any, after the trip.

 5. Give respect get performance: There’s an old saying "Garbage In-Garbage Out". If you treat your bike well, it will do the same to you. If you had a fight with your girlfriend or your boss don’t spill your anger on your bike. If it doesn’t start or run well, it has nothing to do with the argument.


Bikes are our best friends. Kathmandu cannot afford more cars and bicycles cannot keep pace with the ultra fast city life. You need to be at the right place at the right time and the only one thing that takes you there is your bike. Take care of your bike and enjoy the mobility.

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