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Appraisals versus Introspections

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that is power. Because they control the minds of the masses" - Malcolm X, called out to a whole generation and his words still ring true today. Media and social responsibility go hand in hand.

We live in a world that's driven by media; its omnipresence influences masses directly and indirectly. An increasing number of people spend a great deal of time watching television, reading newspapers, magazines and listening to the radio. And in Nepal's context, how transparent, credible is it? It's relevance in Nepal's evolving democracy, the consequence, its ramification. And shedding light on many of these topics, welcome to dialogue Laxman Datt Pant, a renowned journalist, author, university teacher, who courageously tackles many of such issues in his book, "Appraisals versus Introspections". 

Rather than condemn or endorse the undoubted power of the media, we need to accept their indelible impact and penetration throughout the world. And one has to appreciate their importance as an element of culture in today's world. The role of communication and media in the process of development should not be underestimated; nor the function of media as instruments for a nation’s progress be taken for granted. 

Not one to mince words, Pant's journalistic craft is pretty evident in the book that brings into focus many contemporary issues relating to the role of the media in democracy. Some of the issues he tackles are not only relevant but sets the stage for future debates and discussions; that can lead to new policy initiatives and help strengthen the role of the media. And for that political as well as educational systems need to recognize their obligations to promote in their citizens a critical understanding of the phenomena of communication. 
About the Author:

Laxman Datt Pant is journalist, author and university teacher. Year 1997 saw him donning the role of a radio journalist; he has been associated with numerous media institutions on different capacities ranging from reporter to an editor. Currently, he is working as a senior correspondent for The Independent. He writes on current affairs in The Rising Nepal under his weekly column 'Reminder'. He's credited for being one of handful young media scholars who have contributed for the development of media at policy level. Formerly, he worked as 'media expert' for the Agenda for Change (AFC) campaign on Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom led by Article 19. Currently, he is also serving as an 'e-journalism expert' on formulating IEC strategies for Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP).

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