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Women, Age and Curves
Arjun Gurung

When it comes to designs, nature must undisputedly be the best. His most beautiful creation must be the classic 36-24-36; a design so rare and elusive, that more than men it's the women who spend their lives running after it. That’s the coke bottle figure for you. There’s also the wooden stick figure and the more common beach ball figure- a figure that many women seem to develop into, or more precisely, degrade into.

Men also suffer from such physical changes but on a general basis, are not as dramatic about it. Most probably because most men have never had the perfect figure to begin with. Besides, we know that to a woman, handsomeness is 'fat deep'. But when it comes to themselves,women are all about competition, security and looking great. As far as I have understood women, being slim makes a woman feel more desirable than her competition and gives her a sense of security.Correct me if I'm wrong.

To give you a better picture, here's a common instance of how a woman deals with wieght and figure issues.When a woman meets up with her friends, one of the first things she does is divide the group into two halves on the basis of size. If she falls in the bottom half, she makes her decision right there and then; that evening while her friends dig in, she eats very little herself.

For a whole week shedding those extra kilos becomes her main priority. Morning jogs and a low carb diet. Family’s pleas turn on deaf ears. A friend who offers her a candy bar is a conniving two-faced bitch. Muffled burps are proof of a full stomach to her, whereas in reality it’s the first sign of gastric kicking in. Thus the week continues.

Finally after seven days of her struggle, she has dropped one stone. She must meet her friends again! She arranges for a meet up; goes shopping, buying dresses that her now heavier friends can only stare at. At the restaurant she suddenly realizes how hungry she is and while she eats to her fill, she notices the others have hardly touched their food - she has made it to the top! She is the one to beat, the Alpha female! The following week, her new dresses might not fit her anymore, but for now everything is pure bliss.

Unless a woman is ‘Lucky’- a term used by females to describe a woman who is genetically structured to never gain weight regardless of her eating habits- she will probably lose her curves to time. Till then she will keep fighting out what her age tries to dump on her. Not the most interesting of cat fights, I agree, but it does appear to be the most frequent of fights a woman has in her lifetime. Ofcourse the results are rewarding, it is always great to see a woman sashay down the streets rather than rolling. Keep it up ladies!

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