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Kshitij Regmi

March 13th 2007 8:30 PM
The stage is set for the largest battle in cricket, the World Cup 2007.  Host West Indies will be taking on Pakistan in the first match of the Cup. As soon as you're settled in cozy and comfy with your blanket and pillows and not to forget your favorite bag of chips  - “jhyap!”  The lights are gone and you sit cursing every thing, the New Nepal, the Nepal Electricity Authority, those corrupt politicians, those irresponsible people, the damn government and your dog (he's been wailing for you to take him out to unload).
You will have to wait for 3 hours straight that's till a whole inning is over. Chances are some 10 overs of the second innings will be bowled with the openers back in the pavilion. In such a case there are three things you can do depending your attachment to the sport.
Hard Core Fans (Heavy Pockets)
Yes you can watch the whole match for the price of 12-15 thousand -  get an inverter with a set of batteries which will give you enough power to watch those power shots from Tendulkar. If it requires stages of approval from the family,  go to the pubs at Thamel who understand your love for the game, get you liquor and enjoy.
Hard Core Fans (Light Pockets)
We know you love cricket and there is no way you can miss any part of it, but you don’t have the money or the guts to spend your precious earnings for inverters. Go to Mahaboudhha or the China town market and get yourself a world band radio (whose prices begin from NRs 350 ) and tune into BBC Radio Five Live 909 & 693 AM  and enjoy the commentary. This is possibly the best way to enjoy cricket this season.
I like cricket but I can’t lose my sleep
Dude! Don’t worry we have 17 Fm Stations and almost 15 TV News channel blabbering about the world cup all day long. Hook up to your flashy mobile and turn on the FM the next morning and get updated.

I hate cricket

Ladies we have complete empathy for your feelings. It is not important for you to understand the game. Your
boyfriend/husband will appreciate your interest towards the game but make sure you don’t show jubilation when the electricity goes out. For more on how to make sure you stay in full vision of your man while the game is on, visit Arjun's tips on  For the ladies: How to make the best of Cricket.

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