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Women speak : men and gadgets

Arati Gurung

Ever wondered why men get breathless when they are in the presence of new technology?When a new gadget makes its way into a guy’s radius, be it via paper or tube, it’s as if everything else around him has stopped existing. If the little thing is actually physically present, you can hold your own breath to watch the effect it has on our men, as they climb upon one another to get a glimpse of the sleek new tool. As the gadget passes from one hand to the other, grins and nods follow - no matter how ridiculous it’s price or how pointless it’s features. The man who owns the piece is obviously the admired one (funny how men don’t turn green and start telling stories on how the guy actually stole the thing from the showroom, hmm…).

Well that’s the general scene. Its not like women don’t understand the importance of technology, we do, but for us no machine is worth skipping dinner for, atleast that’s what I think. So to shed some more light onto this matter, I spoke to some of the smartest women around us to ask them of their opinion on the topic and here’s what they had to say.
"I’m not much of a gadget freak so I don’t own fancy tools, but I am aware of the commotion one of such can create among men. What’s all the commotion about? Maybe the fact that a tiny little powerful thing can function at their press of a single button! Since us (beautifully powerful) women no longer fall into the category where men hold control, men amuse their being by fascinating on equipments that they can be in charge of and keep tied to their palm!"

"It must have something to do with the age old habit of men always trying to attract women, maybe men think they can get a woman’s attention by owning the latest, coolest and most expensive gadget – but honestly they’ve got to realize that there are women who aren’t bothered at all by any of it.

It could also be because of the competitive behavior of men; it’s why many games were originally created with men in mind – men compete among one another for everything, and owning a ‘cool tool’ is another way of competing. Women on the other hand don’t need to compete with other men or women to prove themselves; they’re more secure about expressing their feelings and emotions."

"Actually not all men go “goo-goo gaga” for gadgets. That’s a stereotype on par with “all women love shopping”. Not true. The men who enjoy gadgets can be motivated by several things: a genuine interest in new technology, a genuine need for said technology and/or the whole my-[fill in the blank]-is-bigger,-badder,-faster,-and-whole-lot-more-expensive-than-yours.

I’m not an early adaptor when it comes to gadgets. I like them for what they do rather than what they stand, especially as a status symbol. As a person I like to keep it simple and that applies to dependence on gadgets and gizmos too. Basically, rarely have I invested in a gadget that got my man salivating. 

To men with this habit, I’d say, “Great stuff – whatever floats your boat boys!” It’s actually pretty cool to see people—men or women—enthused about anything in a world where it’s cool to be blasé. All encouragement is needed to keep alive a childish delight in things that inspire wonder, which includes gadgets. "

"I think men will always be little boys – no matter how old they get or how wise! And like little children, they light up at the sights and sounds of a new toy. A man gets all excited with a new toy and as soon as he finds another one, he drops the old one and grabs the other! It’s true!

Women on the other hand actually grow up into adults, they may have the girlish attitude now and then but since nature has given us the ability to overlook life as a mother – a caretaker, a nurturer we tend to really live out the part as an adult and we see machines and equipments as things of assistance and nothing more.

My message to men on this issue is - it’s not your fault you lose your manners when you see a new gadget, you’re made that way."

"Actually I have no problems with men being goo-goo gaga over gadgets. Infact it just makes me wonder why can't women be the same. My work area gives me the privilege of being surrounded by men who are fascinated by the latest gadgets. This keeps me well informed of what’s new, even if I can't afford to buy them sometimes. If I had loads of money to spend I would love to own the latest Blackberry, maybe an Apple laptop. I wouldn't mind my guy being a gadget freak. Infact I would share his passion with him. The only fascination I don't get is with video games. It can even turn professional working men into kids!

All in all a man who owns the latest "cool gadget" is very sexy for me."

There you go, what do you think? I can’t agree more with what the ladies had to say. I guess we see gadgets as more of a functional thing rather than the eighth wonder; hence we’re good with a device that serves our basic needs and makes sense in buying. So yes, women are inquisitive of technology too - as long as it benefits us, but unlike men we don’t get all hyped up with just about anything that has wires and goes ‘beep’!

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