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Madan Lal Pradhan

This time, we present Mr. Madan Lal Pradhan who is the Director/Chief Operating Officer at Hydro Solutions. A company established to harness our great resource ŒWhite Gold or river waters! An affable 33 years old dynamic leader, he is quick to smile and is a very considerate person. He is easy going with an astute mind!

Looking at his CV, you would be impressed to know that he has achieved so much in a short time of his career. He is a management practitioner and an Organization Development Expert by qualification. Currently, he is also a visiting faculty of Organization Management and Human Resource Development Studies for Executive MBA level (EMBA) at Pokhara University. Yes! A thorough professional!! It is also reassuring to know that our country, a developing one, has a good capable management expert who is our own Nepali guy  knowledgeable in local environments! So, his professional advice, suggestions and guidance will surely be practical and applicable Œat its best locally!

Beside his many roles as a management practitioner and a leader, he is also a well endowed writer and an editor and has edited a number of management books and booklets and is the author of the booklet CENTURY 21 Manager.



Age:  32         

Birthday: November 15

Sun sign
: Scorpio       

Hometown: Butwal

Romantic status: Married


What no one knows

One linear
I am a robust optimist.

Aircrafts (I maintain a huge collection of aircraft dummies) and simply love  Cricket as a sport.

Guilty pleasures

One quality that every man should have 
Sense of humour.

Management is
creative problem solving.

The power of being male is

The difference between girlfriend and wife is 
 their marital status.

The fastest way to man’s heart is       

One talent you wish you had….
fly an aircraft.

Biggest misconception about me
I am Shy.

Feature that attracts you most in opposite sex…..  

That’s simply me

First job 
As a management consultant.

HR Professional/OD practitioner/ Change agent what do you want to be called as?
A transformational leader.

If I hadn’t been into management, what would you have been into?
I would have been into genetic engineering but I pulled out of the course for lack of interest but I have always wanted to be a pilot experiencing the aerial maneuvers and flight adventure.

How did the journey into the world of your profession begin?
I was headhunted immediately after the academic pass-out. I joined this job purely with an exploratory mindset and decided to pursue it when I discovered my potent abilities to successfully facilitate change in organizations. Self discovery with the concomitant satisfaction in the outcome made me enter this industry.

Among the various things you perform, what satisfies you the most?
Positive transformation in individual and organization(s) brought through my interventions satisfies me the most. The feeling is simply ecstatic and gratifying.  
Have you, at any point of time, regretted about your profession?
Yes, when you get caught in the power structure dynamics during interventions and you feel the pain managing the client’s differing priorities and agendas, you feel you should have been in any other profession other than this.

What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses?
My strength: Positive outlook and balanced learning habits and skills
My weaknesses: Lack of patience and tendency towards being a perfectionist-both I believe are energy robbers.

The easiest way to make you lose your cool?
Demonstrated inefficiency backed by loose excuses.

Your mantra of time management
 You cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself; Self management is time management.

The person who has made an impact in your life
 My parents for their unconditional sacrifices and support at all times. Its now my turn to reciprocate the same.

What has Madan Pradhan yet to achieve? 
I feel I have just graduated from a toddler to a runner; therefore, a lot to achieve. What puts me at ease is that I have balanced learning habits and skills.

Currently you are busy with?
Establishing and streamlining the organisation’s systems and governance structure.

What’s the secret behind your success in the fields you have stepped in?
Hardwork, a learning aptitude, positive outlook and belief in self.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Look at my 18- months little angel Tanishqa- she makes my day.

What’s the one habit that you want to kick off?

What envies you about your close friends? What do you admire in your close friends?
I envy their take-it-easy-way lifestyle (I think I am a bit more serious on this).  I admire their loyal camaraderie.

All are important.

Incident/s close to your heart
When little Tanishqa was born. Seeing the little life for the first time was an amazing feeling.

Your big fear(s)
In water with no life jackets.

Fun activities you want to plunge into
Try out rafting in the most turbulent cascades to overcome my fear of water.

Three most important females in my life
My mummy, wife and my sisters. Isn’t that great!!

A song that….

Inspires me
 A recent favorite ‘Jaya Ho’ song from the Oscar Winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”; indeed a victory hymn.

Makes me patriotic 
Veerta ko Chino….

Reminds me of my wife
“Keeping you forever and for always” by Shania Twain.

You were the most beautiful and hot woman….
Enjoy the attention and make other jealous.

You were given a chance to be a female (who would you be)
 Miss Universe Asian beauty Susmita Sen- her confidence, style and maturity –simply wow!! superlative rating.

You had millions of dollars
Use few millions to generate extra millions.

You were genie
Reconstruct waning Nepal.

You were a political leader
Walk the talk towards a positive change.

Quick Q’s 

What’s the 3 things you love the most in your life?
Myself, my job and my family.

Are you a brand person?
I believe in matching and mixing; do not want to end up being a branded victim.

Is there anything that you don’t wear?
Overly oversized patched clothing- ‘Ye Ya Ye Ya’ Typos.

Food/ cuisine you can die for
Chinese cuisine and our very supreme Nepali thali.

Ever done dishes at home?
Yes- a number of times. Some experimental; try it at your own risk and some really good.

What do you smell of (fragrance)?
Drax, Hike.

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