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Dr. Neil Pande

He achieves the acclaim for being at the forefront of providing wonderful smiles as he has the skill and art of renovating smile into powerful and alluring one. Dental Surgeon, Dr. Neil Pande with an aesthetic sense in dentistry was born in England, schooled in Nepal, graduated as a dental surgeon from Manipal, India, postgraduate diploma from England and serving hundreds of patient in Nepal. He started Healthy Smiles; dental care provider with an idea of creating difference and no wonder, Healthy Smiles today stands out. Presently, director of National Dental Hospital, Dr Pande is the person behind many successful attempts in the field of dentistry in Nepal. A keen social worker and a wonderful human being, Dr. Pande reflects the man of modern time with all his traits.

Dedicated, expert, inventive, good-looking, warm and ever smiling, Dr Neil Pande grabs them all in his personality. This eminent personality in the field of dentistry is the person encountered for this time.



Age:  27         

Birthday: 24th June

Sun sign: Cancer          

Hometown: Kathmandu

Romantic status: Married with one 10 year old son.


What no one knows

One linear
I am……. a dreamer.


Guilty pleasures
 Taking off and day dreaming.

One quality that every man should posses….
 Be able to give.

One quality that every woman should posses….
Be able to understand her man.

Media is...
A powerful monologue.

The power of being male….
I believe women are more powerful and more organized than male. Look at my practice, 85% are women.

The difference between girlfriend and wife…..
Fun and responsibility.

The fastest way to man’s heart….      
Caring words, sharing concerns and open to any and many forms of romantic interludes.

One talent you wish you had….
I wish I could dance.

Biggest misconception about you….  
That I am aloof.

Feature that attracts you most in opposite sex…..  
Inner beauty… simplicity and truthfulness without any put on.

That’s simply me

First job 

If you hadn’t been a dentist/doctor/dental expert what would you be?
 Electronic Engineer.

How did the journey into the world of medical begin?  
Father being a doctor, never wanted to be a medical doctor. Went exploring, and found dentistry as a choice where one can practice some form of engineering with the human touch. Easy hours, creativity and the thought of being able to help one on one.

The easiest way to make you loose you cool?
When things don’t get done.

The person who had made difference in my life:
Grandfather Sardar Rudra Raj Pande.
What has Dr. Neil Pande yet to achieve?
Make Nepal a hub of South East Asian Dentistry. Start a post-graduate centre in Nepal affiliated to the first world with students from all over Asia. Make Nepalese dentistry - a gold standard.  Develop Nepal into a Dental Tourism destination.

Currently you are busy with?
Making Nepal as an examination centre for South East Asia for the post graduate diploma examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  Training on implants  and newer technologies.

What’s the secret behind your success? 
Dream. Give your heart and soul to it. Always strive for the best. Work as a team. Never lie. Share. And the success just follows. Don’t run for success, just let it follow. Make sure your success brings in the happiness too, because that’s what matters the most than success alone.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
 Pray to the almighty and take your thoughts through the day.

What’s the one habit that you need to kick off? 
  Procrastination and getting carried away.

What do you envy in your close friends?  
Their promptness, their ability to deal with various people and their cheerfulness and dedication towards their family and friends.

Power brings fulfillment for the short period of time.

Incident/s close to your heart….
 When my son first said “Papa”.

Events you want to plunge into
Wherever the action is, for the good cause.

To die for smile/teeth
If I say some Hollywood or Bollywood stars, they are mostly made up. I would say a common didi in some village up in the hill you meet while trekking, with a sparkling, well aligned teeth and a smile that is from her heart.

The lady that you’d like to flirt around with
Hmmmmmm well…..

Three most important female/s in your life
Mother, sister, wife.

A song that….

Inspires me  

“We will rock you.”

Makes me patriotic
“Yo man ta mero Nepali Ho.”

Reminds me of my wife
“Have I told you lately, that I love you.”

Reminds me of my ex
 “ Shot through the heart…”

What if
You were the most beautiful and hot woman….
   I would make all the men go gaga over me.

You were given a chance to be a female (who’d you be)
 Mother Teresa.

You had millions dollars
  Donate some, spend some, invest some and keep some for the old days.

You had superpower
 Make Nepal trouble free with smile in every Nepali’s face. Everybody cool, relaxed and happy.

You were a political leader
 Do my best to transform this country into the one that is number 1 in the happiness scale.

Quick Q’s 
What’s the most repeated outfit in your closet?
  Jeans and T-shirts.

Are you a brand’s person?
Not really.

Is there anything that you don’t wear?
Kurta pajama.

Food you can die for
 Bhat, khasi ko ras, tama alu bodi, saag, golbhedako achar, alu tareko.

Do you cook at home? 
 Of course, once in a while, with my son, we experiment on pork chops, pasta and so on.

What do you smell of?

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