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Prabhat Rimal

A proficient person accepted in the glory and aura that surrounds Nepalese FM scenario with action packed voice that magnetizes the listeners of every kind. A person with ample traits that made him to live his life as RJ, MC, Model, Event Manager, Social Worker and
 lotta more. When you hear his bestowed gallant and dominant voice, you scream out….Oh that’s Prabhat Rimal!!!!!! Armed with 14 years of splendid history in the media, the station Manager of Kantipur FM and CEO of Vogue Ad and Event Management, Prabhat Rimal today has his own appellation in the arena of media. Apart from media, his responsible positions in various organizations (Corporate Sports Association of Nepal, Advertising Agency of Nepal, Leo Club of Bishalbazar, Valley Broadcasting Association) proves Prabhat Rimal’s versatile loom.

Responsible, fluent, effortless, commanding energetic, gracious,  good looking, jolly, Prabhat Rimal probably acquires every quality that a good human being needs to have. This well-known  figure in the world of voice and entertainment is the personality encountered this time……….



Age:  41         

Birthday: 22nd June, 1967

Sun sign: Cancer          

Hometown: Kathmandu

Romantic status: Married


What no one knows

One linear
I am…….cool.

My job.

Guilty pleasures
When I lock one of my childhood friend in a train in India and train left the station..Oh my god don’t wanna remember.

One quality that every man should posses
Understand women.

One quality that every woman should posses...
Please understand men!!!!!

Media is...
MEKKA for me.

The power of being male….
Always loved by women in all form.

The difference between girlfriend and wife…..
Fantasy Vs Reality and reality bites ha ha ha.

The fastest way to man’s heart….      
Mind and body.

One talent you wish you had….

Biggest misconception about you….  
 that I don’t do anything at home.

Feature that attracts you most in opposite sex…..  
Mind, body and sense of humor.

That’s simply me

First job 
Tour officer in a Travel Agency.

If you hadn’t been a media personality what would you be?
Tourism Entrepreneur.

How did the journey into the world of media begin?      
With Kantipur FM 14 yrs ago as a RJ.

The easiest way to make you loose you cool?
I don’t loose my cool easily if I do then they bites the dust.

The person who had made difference in my life……
There is just one…sshhhhhh!!!!!! Bhitta KO pani kaan huncha.

What has Prabhat Rimal yet to achieve?
There are plenty.

Currently you are busy with? 

What’s the secret behind your success?
My Attitude towards every one I know in my world.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I thank god for giving me a yet another beautiful day to live and work.

What’s the one habit that you need to kick off? 

What do you want to be called as RJ/ Event Manager/ MC/celebrity??? 
I am one man battalion. 

All of them!!!!!!!!

Among the various things you do, what’s the most difficult one?

Incident/s close to your heart
My father’s death.

The lady that I’d like to flirt around with…. 

Three most important female in my life
My mom, My step mom and my daughter.

A song that….

Inspires me
PIANO MAN (Billy Joel).

Makes me patriotic

Reminds me of my wife…
You are always on my mind (Pet Shop Boys).

Reminds me of my ex…

What if

You were the most beautiful and hot woman…

I would become a “MAN EATER”.

You were given a chance to be a female (who’d you be)

You had millions dolor…
Hire a rocket to the moon and settle there.

You had superpower
Turn this country to the most beautiful country in the world.

You were a political leader
I would never lie to my people like everybody does.


Quick Q’s

Are you a brand’s person? 
Nope not at all.

Is there anything that you don’t wear?
Dingo boots.

Food you can die for I eat to live…
Khasiko sekuwa.

Sports that I love

Ever done dishes at home?
 A lot.

What do you smell of? 
I don’t live in artificial smell….I just smell like a man!!!!!!!!

What’s the most repeated outfit in your closet? 
 T Shirts.

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