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An encounter with your Ex and his new flame? No problem!

Meeting your Ex with his new love may be the most dreadful thing to happen, especially if you’re the one who’s still single. Yes, you may have moved on but let’s admit it, it still is uncomfortable seeing him with his new girlfriend. It’s natural to feel thrown off-balance but if you can show them you’re over him, you will regain self assurance. How is that done? Enasha helps you gain control of the situation with the following pointers.

A bold introduction
Hold your bag in your left hand so that your other is free to shake theirs. Introduce yourself first so that they will have to follow your lead. Say Hello with a big smile and then relax your face into its natural, happy position. Don’t overdo the smiles otherwise you might get caught!
Confidence is your weapon
Stay on top of the conversation by asking questions and at all times maintain eye-contact. The secret to the perfect eye contact is to increase it when you’re listening and decrease it when you’re talking. Also divide eye contact between both your Ex and his new Girl so that you don’t give away your nervousness.
Stand tall and strong
Your body posture should be such that reveals that you’re comfortable with the situation. Putting your hands on your hips could mean you’re still bitter while using your bag as a cover could imply that you’re trying to hold your emotions from spilling out. Standing straight and letting your hands fall free by your side gives off the message that you’re cool with the situation.
The perfect exit
People form an opinion of you within the first 4 minutes of meeting you, so it’s better not to hang around. As you tell them you need to make a move, touch his new girlfriend on her forearm to make it clear that you are the one who has decided the little meeting has come to an end.
As you walk away you’ll feel good about yourself for making the perfect impression on your Ex’s new girl and on him!

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