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“A People War” at Chobi Mela

-Sugarika KC

Amidst excitement, "A People War", curated by Kunda Dixit and produced and published byNepa~laya opened at Chobi Mela at the Bengal Gallery in Dhaka on January 31st. The exhibition was jointly opened by Mr. Kunda Dixit, Mr. Noor Kabir, Editor of New Age, and Dr. Shahidul Alam and festival director of Chobi Mela. The same evening, Mr. Dixit also gave a presentation about how the "A People War" has traveled to reach over 3,50,000 in Nepal to promote peace and help build a collective memory of the 10 year insurgency.  

The exhibition is accompanied by Nepali photographers Bijay Gajmer, Shruti Shrestha, Rishi Amatya, Ashesh Dangol, Narendra Mainali and representatives of Nepa~laya and photo.circle. The visit has been organized by photo.circle.

Chobi Mela is an international photography festival that takes place every two years. The festival opened on January 30th with 'A Long Walk to Freedom' The Life and History of Nelson Mandela and a video conference between Mahasweta Devi, Noam Chomsky and Stuart Hall. It features over sixty exhibitions, thirty-five participating nations, over a dozen workshops, well over a thousand images, and over fifty visiting artists from Asia alone.

Conceived in a nation far removed from the established capitals of photography, Chobi Mela has been successful is bridging gaps between the East and the West, and encouraging and promoting majority world photographers. It will close on February 20th 2009.

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