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Shrijana Singh Yonjan

She is a woman of different colors….a strong believer in equal rights, a woman with heroic vision, intelligence and courage. The daughter of veteran music legend Gopal Yonjan and Social Architect Rinchin Yonjan, Shrijana Singh Yonjan proves that women are naturally gifted with beauty, brain and an attitude to carry with. She’s been a proud daughter, ideal wife, adoring mother of three and an exultant Nepali female.

She kicked off her career as a choreographer and by today, she’s enlivened as a creative consultant, columnist, event manager and a model. One of the pre-eminent ladies of Nepal, Shrijana’s stupendous creativity today is honoring female from different walks of life through CELEBRATING WOMANHOOD.

We simply love her for her strong conviction, dazzling personality, charming face with dimply cheeks, sociable nature and jovial persona.

What no one knows

True confession

To give 100% to whatever I do.

Guilty pleasures


Age:  Ageless! Ha, ha                 

Birthday: 26th March

Sun sign: Aries           

Hometown: Valley Homes, Sunakothi, Lalitpur.      

Romantic status: Happily married to Navin Singh.


If you hadn't been into social sector where would you be?
In a sector with a social cause.

Secret behind your freshness and beauty?
You flatter me - I'm Blushing!
Being mentally and physically active and positive and doing things that your heart tells you to

Some tips for girls to have good maintenance over them?
Keeping their self-esteem high.

We heard that you were a beauty pageant participant???(Can you make us clear)
Back in 1990 I participated in the Miss World University Contest and won the Ms. Talent Award.

When was the last time you cried?
Just a few days back when a 21-year-old niece died in an accident. 

A talent you wish you had?   

Sing, sing and sing!

If you were given a chance to be any other woman whom do you want to be?          
My grand-daughter!

Biggest misconception about you?
There seem to be lots of misconceptions about me. But if I am able to provide people who have nothing concrete to engage themselves with in life with certain masala, so be it!  

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a person?        
 9.5 on 10

Nepali political leader you trust    
Still waiting for her/him to emerge!

Nepal's next big thing from (media, politics, sports)
Culture (heritage, dance, music, different art forms) with market value.

Your biggest dream yet to achieve?
Establish a performing arts village in my father's name.

Was your life easy being Gopal Yonjan's daughter?
Definitely not! Of course there are advantages because of the respect he commands even after so many years of his passing away. But the expectation is more and my work is at times taken for granted as - but expected! 

What was one habit of your dad that used to irritate you?           
He could be easily fooled by sob stories that would be often narrated by people around him to obtain different things from him. 

What phrase describes your relationship with your mother?
One of a kind!

Whom do you consider strong and powerful lady?
A woman who stands tall and proud like the mountains, who's vision goes beyond the vast sky yet whose heart can be touched by the sight of a flower, a child's smile or the rainbow or sunlight filtering inside early in the morning.

Best way to spend Friday night?
Cuddle up with loved ones with a good movie and lots of munchies at home. 

If you had million dollars you would spend on (expect fixed investments)
Embark on my dream project. 

If you had a superpower it would be
To turn arrogant, narrow-minded, pig headed, petty, chauvinistic, jealous, negative people into their opposites. 

How does it feel to be a woman?

Have you ever regretted being a woman?
Not that I can think of. Except maybe when I was undergoing labour pain.

Is there anything you won't wear?
Flashy and gaudy materials. 

Food you can die for
Cheese and chocolates.

You're currently busy with?

My daughters, planning, strategizing and implementing new ideas into action, writing articles…

The reason behind Celebrating Womanhood?
To celebrate the power of positivity and to start the culture of respecting and honoring women for what they have contributed to their communities and society and to set them as examples for other women to follow! For too long the focus has been on how weak and downtrodden women are. It has become the formula of certain organizations to follow and produce documents after documents of recommendations that are somehow never quite implemented or followed. So instead of a handful of women always portraying that other women are in need of rescue and assistance it's time we identified real life heroines who are capable of leading their communities. 

What's the one skill you've always wanted to acquire but still haven't managed to?

What's the secret behind your success?
More than success I feel that it's the result of what one does with what extent of belief and will power is what is more relevant. I believe - doing things from the heart, hard work, and setting new challenges for oneself is the mool mantra behind achieving one's goals.

Are you a fitness freak?
Not at all! Luckily, I have a hyper-metabolism rate.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Drink my morning cup of tea that acts as my fuel for the day.

If you were to invite five famous people to dinner at home who would they be?
Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, J. K. Rowling & …..(still trying to decide among my many favorites)

What's the wildest thing you have done?
Slapped my darling husband early one morning as soon as I opened my eyes because I had dreamt of him having an affair!

Which is the one song that defines you?
At the moment;
Bhool ho tero bhagi hidnu
Jeevan dekhi darayera
Sansar sangai ta ghumdai ja
Ani sara sansar terai ho
Ud dai chuna sakis bhane
Jun tara samma terai ho
composed and written by my father.

What's the one habit that you need to kick?
Nibble on my nails when tense!

What do you smell of?
My moisturizer and flex conditioner!

Did you ever faced khutta tanne prabitti???
In heavy doses! And most of the time from areas which I least expect!

How does it feel when you find people imitating you?

Do you ever crave for any awards?
Yes! The biggest award for me would be for the women of Nepal (especially those who are in privileged positions) to understand what Celebrating Womanhood is all about and support this cause through their words, actions and encouragement! That would be my biggest award!

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