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Tips to dump your boyfriend

-Sassy Lady

 Hey gals!!!!!if you are fed up with your existing relationship and you are looking for ways to get over but still are not able to find any.....then don’t worry. Getting dumped or dumping someone is hard to do but nothing is impossible if you try. Try these tips, they might work out…………

1. When your boyfriend brings you a bouquet of flowers, take a sneeze and say you are allergic to anything less than Rs 500 per stem.

2. When he reads a poem he has written for you all loud, take a big yawn and tell him to skip ahead to the good parts.

3. When he surprises you by an expensive jewelry, then ask if he’s got a gift receipt with him.

4. Every time when he tries to hug you, make faces and say, “Ooofff, you never used to be so mushy all the time.”

5. Every time when he starts smoking in public, ask him to blow smoke rings in the shape of lovy dovy hearts.

6. Ask him to company you to the girls night out wearing one piece dress, makeup, jewelry, high heels and all that.

7. Tell him that your dog is having puppies and you need to take a year off in order to train them to attack you picture.

8. Pump your legs at the crowd and yell “Deal, Deal, Deal”, instead of saying “ I do”, whenever he asks, “Do you Love me?”

9. Every time when he tries to impress you through his branded new clothes, say, “Wow! Your clothes are exactly similar to those of my helper at home.”

10.  Make a very serious facial expression and say, “This just isn’t for me. Nothing Personal. I want to be able to tell people I’m single.”

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