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Aamir against CAN

-Sugarika KC

National Cricketer and owner of Shangri-La Cricket academy, Aamir Akhtar publicly   showed his discontent towards Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN). He charged CAN for being biased to his cricket academy and the players.

“ I have been constantly harassed personally and professionally by CAN. When the mental assault was intolerable, I was compelled to speak my mind in public.,” told Akhtar in a press meet. Akhtar accused CAN President Binay Raj Pandey  being prejudiced towards him and keeping him out of the National Team. He even accused the CAN President for avoiding his players for U-15 and U-17 tournaments no matter how good the players are. Even being a national player, he was excluded from the team for 20-20 tournament  in India without any solid reason. Akhtar, from very long ago raised the voice regarding the remuneration of the players, their commercial involvements,  their rights, 3E (Education, Employment and Endorsement) but each time CAN showed its disinterest. After all these harsh gestures, he was constrained to protest on the misbehavior of CAN and formed Amateur Cricket Association of Nepal (ACAN).
“The players shouldn’t be victimized and should be provided  equal opportunities and rights from CAN”, told Akhtar. He has demanded justice from National Sports Council(NSC) regarding such unfair behavior by CAN.



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