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Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008

Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008 started with inaugural ceremony yesterday at Gurukul.  The event has the participation of eight countries i.e. Bangladesh, Denmark, England, India, Norway, Russia, Thailand and USA and will take place until 27th November 2008 . Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam delivered a speech of encouragement as a Chief Guest for the festival. Ambassadors from these respective countries emboldened the festival to get exchanged all over the world.  

Two books were launched, 'Three Plays' by professor Abhi Subedi and 'Abako Nepal' by Viplob Pratik. Kirab Manandhar was invited to hand over an amount of Rs 50000, collected through the Nepal Lalitkala Loktantrik Abhiyan, to Minister Gautam to be added to the PM's Fund.

The festival is being organized by Aarohan aong with Indian Cultural Center and Gurukul to provide a community environment for artists all over the world to showcase their works. Aarohan(Nepal), Feelgood Theatre Production(EP3K, UK), Centre for Asian Theatre (Bangladesh), Ritwik Theatre (India), Oglethorpe University and Relativity Theatre Concern (USA), Shatkon (Nepal), OPPLAND FYLKESKOMMUNE( Norway), Mia and Max (Denmark), The Moradokmai Troupe(Thialand) and many other groups will be performing.

As soon as the inagugral ceremony completed a long tail of queue was waiting for the entrance door of the theatre to open. As an initiation, a play 'Dreams of Peach Blossoms' written by T.U. professor Dr Abhi Subedi was acted. The setting of the play was Bhaktapur that showcased the sufferings of women in the newari culture. The play that ends with a cataclysm also consists of humor towards the struggle of two tourist guides that compel them to guide a foreigner (Monika, Italian).  The play was acted by Birendra Hamal, Pushkar Gurung, Saugat Malla, Mahesh Shakya, Nisha Sharma Pokhrel and others. The play narrated by the protagonist Manjul came to the end with Khada garlanding by Sanskriti Buddhijibi Satya Mohan Joshi. Kiran Manandhar, who has been in recent limelight with his world's longest painting (126.010 meter) on a continous canvas done in 13 hrs 2 min, ended the show comically. 

Everyday two new plays will be staged by  groups from different countries i.e at 12 noon and 5 pm. Tickets for public are availiable at the counter. Detailed schedule of the plays can be found out at www.aarohantheatre.org

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