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Wishing for more real men on Women’s Day 

-Arati Gurung

And another March 8 comes rolling by. For this one day and the week that surrounds it, men on Newspapers, Magazines, TV and radio all turn pro-feminism and blabber away on what’s already been said about women empowerment. Once the day is over, so is their support for women’s liberation, at least until next year.

Happy Woman’s Day to us, the people of the only country in the world where a woman’s life expectancy is shorter than that of a man. What can you expect of women who work twice as much as their men, put their health as last priority and silently tolerate all kinds of violence?

According to the 2001 research by Saathi, 66 percent of Nepalese women have endured verbal abuse, 33 percent emotional abuse, while 77 percent of the abusers are family who live under the same roof as her. If there is a decrease in the numbers today it is because many women still can’t find the courage to speak up and charge the culprit. Violence isn’t only going unreported in villages and rural areas; it’s very much swept under the carpet in the urban areas too.

 Men harass us every day. The bus conductor drools at us head to toe, the guys on the street make walking home hell, we can’t wait for a friend alone, we get stares and some us even get disgusting remarks. Men do it at every chance they get; they annoy us with unwanted calls, send us embarrassing text messages and pass comments on everything we do. You get remarks if you dress pretty; you’re made fun of if you’re not. You’re continuously pestered if you stay silent; you’re labeled ‘cheap’ if you fight back and even if you don’t do anything you’re ‘characterless’ because the men didn’t get what they wanted.

Reality check: physical violence is not the only form of violence women endure, the mental frustration of careless remarks, sly looks and taking advantage of a woman’s vulnerability is all acts of violence against a woman that can scar her for life. And much of all this happens in broad daylight even among the educated lot, in public places with hundreds of people as witness, and sadly there are only very few real men who stand up to support the woman. Yes, women need assistance to be able to walk tall beside you today because she’s been left behind since the beginning of civilization; and it’s scientifically impossible to skip all those centuries of development she missed out, only because man chose to keep her locked in four walls, blind, deaf and motionless.

While men can get off with a 9 to 5 job, women have to work before and after that as well, all because she isn’t given a choice. If you’ve seen your Mother toil each day to keep the house running, you know only half of what it’s like to be a woman. Don’t get me wrong though, ask a woman what she’d like to be born as, if there is such a thing as re-birth, many will say ‘a woman again’, because there’s no joy like being able to express your emotions, delight in flowers and dresses and bond with sisters, and of course there’s nothing like the gift of maternal instinct. All we want is the freedom to be a woman.

March 8 shouldn’t be the only day when men try to understand women’s rights and talk about her empowerment, but unfortunately it is.

Every year the 8th of March is celebrated as Woman’s Day to remind people of the everyday struggle women go through to prove their worth. Should women have had their rights in the first place, there would be no need for a day to mark their existence.

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