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Sneh Rana 

Angelic face, million dollar smile, graceful heart and immense talent are what makeup artist Sneh Rana is blessed with. This exuberant and vibrant lady is well known not only for her pretty face but also for her great make up art that she possess. She was spotted by media during Miss Nepal 2003 as make up artstis and the spotlight continued on her. She has been a picture perfect face for some leading brands in Nepal. A makeup artist, a model, a piano player and now a singer, Sneh Rana is a woman of many talents. She exemplifies herself as an independent and confident woman of Nepal.

You first noticed her on:
As make up Artist in Miss Nepal 2003

 Big Break in the profession:
“Lakme India fashion week”

What no one knows

True confession
I have a road crossing phobia’

My complete faith in God’

Guilty pleasures
My obsession with watches


Age: 38                                   

Birthday: March 14

Sun sign: Pisces             

Hometown: KTM       

Romantic status: Happily Married.


If you hadn’t been make up artist, who you’d be?
An artist...Or anything else in the creative field.

Secret behind your freshness and beauty?
Great genes, green tea and a stress free life.

Some tips for girls to have good maintenance over them?
Exercise, respect yourself n fall in love...

When was the last time you cried?
On September 25, when I watched a movie based on a French singer  “Edith Piaf”

A talent you wish you had?
I m content with all the talents I have... I desire no more.

Biggest misconception about you?      

That I am just a pretty face.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ego?             

Nepali political leader you trust? 
As of now my brother in law...Udaya Shumshere Rana.

One quality about yourself that you dislike?         
My capacity to do more than my situation requires...

Your biggest dream yet to achieve?       
To go to Milan and do makeup on all the top models there.

Things you wouldn't say to your husband?
If I wouldn’t say it to my husband, I wouldn’t tell anyone else either...  

Best way to spend a Friday night?
With close friends and family.

If you had a million dollars…   
I would blow it up instantly on all my favourite things.

Sexiest woman alive?           
Sophia Loren (now and then)

Love, money, power, respect, family... order them according to your priority. 
Respect, Family, Love, Power, Money.

If you had a superpower it would be…
To be able to read peoples minds.

If you could go back in time you would….
I choose not to go back in time. I have no regrets...

Nepal’s next best thing (from media, politics, sports...)
‘Pen is mightier than the sword’ so definitely the media.

Are you a brands person?
I have my preferences but I am not fussy.

Is there anything you wont wear?
I like to wear everything, depending on my mood. There isn’t a ‘wont’ in my wardrobe.

Food you can die for...  
Pizzas and Biryani.

Your dream vacation spot...
‘Koh samui’ in Thailand  with close friends.

Deserving candidate for Miss Nepal 2008
That will be decided on the day I will be judging the event.

10 years from now...

Probably a glamorous grand mom

Suggestion for men regarding style
Smell good and talk classy.

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