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Miss Nepal: Is she worth it?

-Arati Gurung
Going through the pictures of the 19 girls vying for this years Miss Nepal Crown, there’s but only one question that surfaces our thoughts; ‘One of these girls will win but will she do justice to the title?’

We’ve witnessed embarrassing moments on the Miss Nepal stage, not to mention the most ridiculous answers, but thankfully till date the crown has been put on top of the candidate who’s made herself stand out from the rest of the group. The question is, will she be able  maintain that spark when she is put among the remaining thousands of  young women in Nepal or is the crown going to be her only identity?

Winning the title is only the beginning; the aftermath is when a Miss Nepal is really tested;  she’s questioned and judged all through the rest of her life, whatever she does has to be nothing less than what she projected on that stage. Do the
girls participating understand this responsibility?

 When a Miss Nepal fails to win the people’s heart, it’s not all her fault nor is it only the organizers. Yes, they should have been able to select candidates on the basis of their whole being rather than just focus on her one good attribute, and yes, the girl who won the title could have done a little more homework now that she holds the title, but you can’t ignore the fact that you have at least once thought – you could have been a better candidate. Why didn’t you drop in an application?

 This year seven of the chosen 19 come from outside the Capital city, which is a good sign. But are the ladies as bright as their skin and as updated as their wardrobes? We’ll have to wait and see.

 We want a Miss Nepal we can take  example of at any conversation, a woman who outshines her outer beauty with her inner qualities, a lady that sets the bar for the rest of us – not a dumb bimbo. We want a real woman to represent the women of Nepal, will we get that or is it going be just another pretty face smiling for Dabur?

If we heed more attention to the event and make our voices heard by more than just speaking out, maybe we can get the Miss Nepal we want; if not this year then we might just next year.

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