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Change = Change in your attitude

Arati Gurung

‘If you’re going out for lunch, why don’t you turn your computers off?’ I asked the guys at work and they chuckled. ‘We can save a lot of energy if we do that, you know’, I tell them. Their reply, ‘As if switching off our computers is going to make a difference.’

 I asked a few others the same question and I got the same reply. If all of us are going to think our actions are not going to make a difference, we may as well admit that our lives are not worth a paisa.

 Who are we fooling with this attitude? No one but us; its how it all started and it looks like this is the attitude that is going to take us down.

 I am tired of complaining, so I do my bit by trying to explain to people on what I think will improve our situation. ‘Explaining’ though can take various forms as required by the situation. For instance I shouted at my neighbors from my roof top to turn off their lampposts, which they leave on in the evening, during the night and way past the next morning. The light it gives out is totally unnecessary. I once got off my motorbike to ask the men who were digging up the newly paved road, why and who they were doing it for. I began lecturing them there and then, when I found it was a private house’s piping being done and that they had not been told anything on covering it up.

 I may appear rude but something has got to be done. I turn off unnecessary light, I save each drop of water and I always throw my trash in the bin. But what I’ve realized is that doing it on my own is definitely not going to make a difference anymore, we need other people to stop and understand the damage their careless attitude is causing. And I think if a few words said at the right time with the right tone can help create awareness, let’s do it.

 If you have to - argue with the man who blocks the tiny road with his huge Mitsubishi, scream at the driver who spits his throat out in the middle of the road, stare at the guy who wastes a tank of water on washing his bike and scold at the girl who throws a chocolate wrapper out of a taxi window.

 They might just ignore you or they might argue back, but they will certainly not forget you and the way your words made them feel. The people who pass the scene will relay it to the next person and the guy you gave a piece of your mind to will think twice before he does anything like that the next time. Mind you this is not violence; this is education and awareness speaking, it tends to have more effect than guns or mass speeches.

We’ve tried complaining, and it’s clearly not working. It does not make sense anymore, to just have the conversation among friends and family, the conversation should be with the one who needs it. It’s not only the people sitting up in high chairs who are to blame; everyone who has this 'attitude’ is at fault for bringing  us all to this condition. The attitude that makes one give a damn about things and allows him to believe that he can get away with anything – that’s the attitude we have to get rid of.

To bring about the much needed change and progress, we need an attitude change. And this is how we can contribute; when you find the culprit, let them know they’re being watched and that they will not be tolerated. Spread the word and the awareness.


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