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For the ladies: How to make the best of Cricket.

MOTOGP (Arjun Gurung)

Sharing a name with the pest itself, a lot of women will be plagued by Cricket with the world cup just around the corner; women who see the game and the bug as the same will have to suffer more than just the load shedding. Fear not ladies, MOTOGP, as a true super hero, has come to the rescue under a mask.

You know what they say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Well here are some tips for the young and ambitious women who do not want to fade into the background every time the game is on, these are tips for those who want to make the game pay - yeah, that’s right, a gold earring or a dinner at a fancy restaurant (but then let me remind you, its best not to expect too much from your guy or my article)

1. Never ask questions that pinch, like "Didn't these two teams just clash a few weeks ago? And those two too?", you see there are but a handful of nations that actually play the game so they have to literally play each other again and again to keep busy.

2.Next time you hear a lunatic fanatic on TV say cricket being a gentleman’s game and all that, simply think of Donald Trump or our very own Rajendra Khetan all ready to bat. You'll see what they mean.

3. Don’t try something desperate like enticing him with lingerie. For him it’s like getting two cakes, he gulps one and savors the other. It’s a lose-lose situation for you.

4.Its a great time to nibble all day-a trait common to all women- without your guy complaining.(After all men were apes and women were squirrels). If you want to see sparks fly between the two of you, try bhatmas and wash it down with coke. "What’s a big game without fireworks, honey?"

5. Even if you don't understand the game, you can just imitate what you see. Every time a bowler (the guy who throws the ball) shouts "out", simply scream your lungs out "howzzat!” This should recharge you enough till the next wicket falls (that’s when the batter strikes out).

6. Saving the best idea for last, simply clutch a blanket and a pillow and lay on the couch beside him. Lie down and let the gentlemanly charm of the game take over in ten minutes. He’ll love nothing more than to watch his favorite game with his favorite girl beside him, even if it means you’re fast asleep.

Remember if you follow these tips to show how much you are trying to understand your guy, you will score big time. However, the total of these scores depend on the position of the moon in accordance to his stars and the direction of the wind and whether his team wins or loses. I think.

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