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Must have gadgets: City Living

By: Kshitij Regmi

The whole world revolves around man's basic needs, which initially were only four, but now has risen up to as many as 7 or 10, make that 15. Once considered only an assistance, gadgets today have become 'the must haves' of modern living today-   especially if you're living in a busy city.

The list of gadgets modern men and women ought to have to living a better  life, are as follows,

1. Digital Camera

 Pictures have been an integral part of our lives. When channels like BBC are using slogans such as "you are our news source" who knows you might just get the scoop of your life! Simply carry it around and take pictures that catch your attention.

There are hundreds of models to choose from. Ask your uncle in the US to bring one or just get it from the local shops here. Don’t spend too much on a digital camera  unless you are thinking of a professional career in photography.

Don’t buy a 9 Mega pixels camera just because your brother in law has one. Buying a camera with 3.2 mega pixels will give you enough quality pictures which you can print in to substantial sizes.

Choose a Camera made by a good company. Recommended point and shoot cameras are Sony Cybershot, Cannon Powershot, Nikon Coolpix. Avoid inferior chinese and unbranded cameras at any cost.

Point to remember -  its good photographic sense not expensive cameras that bring good results.


2.Smart Phones

It has a big size, costs you a fortune but its also a very helpful thing to have around. It combines the function of a mobile phone, a PDA and a computer. As the  recent Blackberry advertisement  states, "Blackberry Pearl, keeps Daddy out of his office"

If you want to keep track of your work while you're off with your wife at a Sunday brunch at Nagarkot,  the PDA is the right thing to have. Some of the better smart phones for Nepal is the O2 XDA range-o2XDAII Atom- palm 650 and palm 680, and HP Ipaq. All though Palm and HP have great functions, these machines do not have any  after sales services avaialble in the country and its spare parts are difficult to find.


3.Portable Music Player (iPod)

An  iPod is a life saver when you feel stuck someplace miserable, find a corner and heal your soul with a private concert held for you by Metallica.

If you think an iPod is expensive there are other options, a Chinese mp4 portable player is accessible a little  above Rs.2000 at Khasa Bazaar.


4.Gaming Console

So you can't make it to that cricket game because of your schedule - but you can express all your cricketing skills at your console games. Select the game of your choice and select a console, if you are interested in power and strategy games, take a Xbox or a Play Station. If you want to get a little physical and get some exercise while you game, take a Nintendo wii.



You can't do without this . If you want it just to show off, buy any thing or else get a laptop according to your requirement. These days you get a branded Apple Mac Book for a sum of around Rs.90,000. If you are looking for regular machines go for Dell, Acers and Samsung - these machines are affordable yet they are power packed. Among business people the popular brands are HP, Toshiba and IBM.

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