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Passed Over For Promotion?

3 career improvement tips

You worked hard, showed up early at least a few days a week and thought for sure, the big promotion was yours. But it wasn't. It went to someone else.

The hardest thing about being passed over for a promotion is dealing with the twin dragons of hopelessness and anger that go along with it - not to mention congratulating the newly promoted person in the office next door.

But what if you could see this disappointment as a supreme gift?  What if this event is a life altering experience that opens up your life to profound joy?  When specific events happen in our lives, it sharpens our intuition for clear direction from the universe.  And what could be clearer than being passed over for a promotion?

Your career is not just a means of paying your bills.  Your talents and individuality are an expression of the vastness of our world.  You are so versatile and adaptable that there are likely many jobs that you could do very well.  If a disappointment at work has left you frustrated and feeling trapped, you need to ask yourself some basic questions.

Love your job
First, is this something you enjoy so much that you would do it for free?  If you are laughing at this idea because it is so far from your experience, there is probably a much better place for you to spend your time.  If your mind immediately springs forth a litany of reasons you cannot do something else - ask for help!  There are many guides to finding your path. Our minds are constrained by our experience, but the universe knows no limits.  You are never too old to begin the career you love.  You are never too busy to tap into your joy. If this is something you really enjoy, what could you do to become more informed and grow within your field? 

Add some training
Is there a level of knowledge or training you are resisting because you are afraid of responsibility?  Careers need to flourish or they diminish.  If you are not growing in your job and developing into a more informed and qualified person, you are growing away from your job.  If you are doing all that you can, and you love what you do, you may only need to either wait with assurance that your promotion will come or actively seek a company that better recognizes your passion.

The universe rewards alignment of emotion, body and mind.  If you are hanging in there for more money or because your life is labored down with bills and obligations, there is no space to hear a divine solution.  If you don't know what to do next, again, ask for guidance! The moment you are open to change, you are already in it.  Your career can be the greatest gift in your life and when you follow your bliss, it won't be long before the big promotion is yours.

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