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Spirituality and Your Money

An energy shift can attract money

When you don't have enough of it, money can seem eternally elusive. For most of us, however, a healthy bank account is easier to get than we first realize. It can be as simple as a shift in perspective! Money, like energy, flows around us. If we develop positive attitudes towards money and learn to work with it on a spiritual and emotional level, more will come our way.

Your values
Our underlying negative beliefs about money can cause us to unconsciously re-create experiences of not having enough. Some people, of course, are in circumstances that they truly can't control, but most of us have more power over our income than we realize.

In the popular spiritual book Creating Money: Keys to Abundance, authors Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer explain some common negative beliefs about money that may be keeping your income level modest.

Here's how to shift away from any negative views:

Pinpoint your own negative money beliefs and habits and think back to where they came from (childhood perhaps?). Give them a nod as you decide to let them go. Now, make a decision to focus on creating positive ones instead. Here's how:

Daily affirmations
Write these down (in your own handwriting) and display or carry them around to look at or stumble upon often:

* I deserve money!
* I embrace the energy of managing money
*I can create wealth by doing something I love
* More money means having more fun with my friends
* I know how to do the right thing with money

Picture this!
As your attitudes start to change, your next step is to fully understand your financial picture. Money is an emotionally loaded topic for almost everyone. That's why getting your finances in order can seem too difficult to face, but you can do it!

Track it
Track your spending for a few weeks to see where your money goes. Simply observe your spending habits without judging them. Instead of making a standard budget, make spending categories based on what you use your money for. If you take a friend to dinner for their birthday, for instance, that's money spent on building relationships. If you spend the same amount on a client dinner, however, it's a work-related expense.
Making this kind of list can help you see whether you're spending money on the things you care about most. Once you know where your money is going, you can decide whether to spend it differently, earn more, or both. Becoming clear about what money you have helps you change your energy so that you become magnetic to more money.

Work it
Just as we have negative beliefs about money itself, most of us also hold underlying negative beliefs about how we can make money. Do you believe you have to have one full-time job to have financial security? Do you think of work as a necessary evil? Do you believe your value as a person comes from the work you do? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's time to re-think.

Attract it
Once your basic needs are met and you have some savings, continue drawing money into your life by spending some of your income in ways that satisfy and inspire you. Finding a balance is important: hoarding money can block your financial flow, while overspending on things you don't care about can do the same. As you spend in ways that bring meaning to your life, your energy becomes increasingly magnetic to more money.

Budget it
San Francisco Web designer Wendy Miller (not her real name) says she makes "a ton" of money, but spends a big chunk of her paycheck buying clothes and shoes online. "I'm just bored at work sometimes," she explains. "So I order some stuff to make myself feel better." At the end of the month, she's always out of money, even though she's trying to save for travel. Even though Wendy has a high income, she's continually living with lack because she isn't spending well.

When you think about what to spend money on, the authors of Creating Money suggest you consider the essence of what you want - do you really want to see that basketball game, or do you mainly want to spend time with your brother, the basketball fan? If quality time with your brother is the essence of what you want, skip the tickets and invite your brother over to hang out - if you'd love to see the game with your brother, buy them.

Goodbye, guilt
Other people's poverty is no excuse for living in lack. Some human beings live in terrible poverty, but you can't help them by staying poor. As your financial flow builds, you'll have increasing chances to help people in meaningful ways. Remember the instructions the flight attendants give when an airplane takes off: if the cabin gets low on oxygen, put your own mask on first, then help those around you.


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