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Seven Tips To Get Your Ideal Job... Faster and Easier

1. Self-assessment is the first step to finding your ideal job. Assessment involves getting clear on your interests & passions, life goals, skills & knowledge, personal characteristics, internal and external motivations, and preferred work colleagues and work environment. If these personal needs, values and abilities are not compatible with your next job, you probably will not be happy, satisfied or fulfilled.

2. Brainstorm many as many jobs/careers as possible before beginning your actual job search… so you can identify the ones that may best satisfy you for many years. Consider having a friend or other qualified person help you so you don’t miss good possibilities.

3. Informational interviewing involves talking with people who are currently working in the careers and fields you are considering to gain a better understanding of them. Informational interviewing is just what it sounds like -- interviewing people to get the key information you need to choose or change a career path, find out if you have what it takes to succeed, and learn how realistic it is for you to get into the field.
Here’s another key benefit of informational interviewing… studies show that one out of every 12 informational interviews results in a job offer!

4. Position yourself for a job change. Use a Combination Format resume to focus the prospective employer on your most impressive qualifications. The combination format resume begins with a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments that match up with the specific job you are seeking. This information is followed by employment history, written in the reverse chronological format, and education sections.

5. Don’t count on the Internet to find your next job. Less than 1 in 10 of all jobs are filled through ads in newspapers and on the Internet. The competition is keen and the odds are against you – especially if you are changing careers. Use the Internet's vast information resources to help you, but limit the amount of time you spend responding to Internet ads.

6. Be a smart job hunter. Most people don’t realize that 75% of all jobs are never advertised! The most effective job hunters use two strategies to find “hidden” jobs – networking and directly contacting potential employers. If you want to find your ideal job faster… talk to friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, teachers, former coworkers, and others who might know of an opening. And send a well-crafted cover letter and resume to 150 companies that employ people in the type of job your seeking.

7. Have support. Don't do your job search in isolation. Find and getting a job can be a trying time. A solitary job search can be demoralizing, and it can also be more difficult because you'll only have access to what you find by yourself. Leverage the experience, expertise, and network of friends, colleagues or other qualified person who knows what your going through and who can give you the support, motivation, advice and feedback you need to succeed.


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