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The karma of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise

Born into the world of stardom, the babies of celebrities are publicity magnets from day one. But how they use their starpower depends on their soul's karmic paths, which is sometimes tied to their parent's destinies. These karmic ties are revealed through astrological similarities - a kind of "karmic genetics" - between parent and child.
Dramatic examples of karmic genetics can be seen in the charts of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) and Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes). Based on their astrological charts, both children have obvious karmic connections with their famous parents that will shape their destinies to come.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
Born to actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on May 27, 2006, this little girl is a mirror image of her mother in many ways. Like Angelina, she has Sun and Mercury in Gemini (and Moon as well). There's not only an unusually strong emotional bond between mother and daughter, but a shared karmic destiny as well.  Like her mother, Shiloh is a communicator, so it wouldn't be surprising if she followed in Angelina's footsteps to become an advocate for the underprivileged.

Karmic ties
What's more, Shiloh shares her mom's Cancer influences, and both her parent's Aries influences. Her Venus in Aries gives her an independent streak in relationships, which mirrors her mother's go-getter Moon, Mars and Jupiter in Aries and her father's Jupiter in Aries. The pioneering spirit certainly runs strong in this enterprising family! But like her mom, Shiloh has a home-loving side as well - Shiloh's Mars in Cancer says much of her energy will be directed towards family activities. Her Mars is conjunct her mother's Venus and Saturn in Cancer, indicating they energize each other's creativity. Interestingly, their Mars-Saturn tie is a karmic one that may result in a joint effort in the future between mother and daughter to better the lives of struggling families.
One challenge Shiloh shares with her mother is a lack of Earth signs. This means she is very idealistic and not very emotionally grounded. Staying married and having a stable family life won't be easy. Plus, being a double Gemini makes her unusually restless, although she may find a balance between adventure and home life after she turns 30.
As for father and daughter, Pluto rules transformation, and Shiloh's Pluto is directly conjunct Brad's Sun in Sagittarius. In this case, Shiloh influenced her father's destiny by irrevocably changing (Pluto) how he saw his role in the world as a man (Sun).

Born to lead
Saturn is the ruler of karma and ambition. Shiloh's Saturn is in Leo, the sign of entertainment and leadership. This means her destiny is related to the entertainment field, perhaps as an actor, but even more likely, in a leadership role as a director or producer. All in all, there's no doubt that karmic genetics will play a compelling role in Shiloh's destiny.

Suri Cruise
This outgoing Aries was born to actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on April 18, 2006. She's a double fire sign with Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius. Her mother is also a double fire sign, with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo (dad has Moon in Leo too). There's lots of creativity and passion in this family! And like Angelina and Shiloh, Katie and Suri mirror each other emotionally and karmically. Suri has Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, directly conjunct her mother's Sun in Sagittarius. This Sun-Moon connection indicates a profound emotional tie. Even more intense is the Pluto-Sun connection, just like the one between Shiloh and Brad. Motherhood transformed Katie's individuality and how she saw her role in the world. Additionally, Sagittarius rules learning and faith, so mother and daughter will inspire each other to learn new things and to explore their faith as Scientologists.

As for father and daughter, Suri has Mars in Cancer, which is Tom's Sun sign. They certainly energize each other and will enjoy sports and other outdoor activities together. Also, because a woman's Mars sign reveals the type of man she's attracted to, Suri will undoubtedly choose someone who closely resembles her dynamic (and sensitive) dad.

Shared Creativity
Suri and Katie also share a creative destiny: they both have Venus conjunct Uranus in water signs, an electrifying artistic influence. Also, family Jupiter connections create luck in creative ventures: Suri's Jupiter conjuncts her mother's Venus and Uranus, and her father's Jupiter conjuncts Suri's Venus and Uranus. Perhaps they'll work together in a film someday. And because Jupiter rules philanthropy, they may use their good fortune to assist those less fortunate.

Interestingly, like Shiloh, Suri has no Earth signs in her chart, indicating a lack of practicality. For both girls, money will come easily (after all, they were born into wealth), so their work will be mainly for personal fulfillment instead of financial gain. And like Shiloh, Suri will need an adventurous mate who understands her need to see the world and experience life in a big way.

Shared karma
However, the Cruise family's karmic genetics centers mainly on Suri's Saturn in Leo, which conjuncts both her parent's Moons. This is a rock-solid family bond - and another creative tie because of the Leo influence. Undoubtedly, Suri's karma is connected with her parent's work in the entertainment field, and perhaps to use her leadership skills as well.

Parents and their children come together to learn about love, support each other's abilities and work through karmic lessons. It's the ultimate co-creation. By comparing charts, karmic genetics can reveal what those connections and lessons are. It can also provide understanding about parent-child relationship challenges along the way.


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