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Top 5 things you can do in a blackout (and nowhere else)

-Arati Gurung

They say when you have it, you got to flaunt it. So seeing that nothing is going to change even after all the complaining, its time we stop and do what we do best. - take advantage of the load shedding. There’s a good and a bad in everything and if you look through a microscope, you will find that even this has its benefits. Here are the top 5 things you can do when the lights go out.
1. Play hide and hide (since its difficult to seek and you might also get hurt, so keep hiding till the lights come back or till the morning, whichever comes first  - its usually the latter). 

2. Find a safe corner and sing like you’ve never sung before, giving Tina Turner a run for her money (no one will find you even if they want to smash you for croaking). Recommended song: ‘Baby when the lights go out , I’ll show you what its all about’ by FIVE. 

3. If you’re in a public place, do stuff you’ve always wanted to do among everyone - but couldn’t (for many that could be digging their nose, but if that’s been done in broad daylight already, I cannot think of anything else more horrid). 

4. Eat up all your favorite chocolates without sharing it with anyone else in the room (munch slowly and take small bites so that you can swallow immediately when it’s your turn to speak). 

5. Make the most of the blackout by blaming everything on the load shedding, for instance, you couldn’t charge your mobile so you couldn’t receive your Boss's call, no computer so you couldn’t finish your month's work on time, no television so you didn’t know the bandh was withdrawn and so you spent the day cruising with your girl at Kirtipur and so on and so forth (no one in the world gets an excuse as good as this, so do not let the opportunity pass you by). 

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