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How to select a gift for your best male friend

Are you confused in selecting a gift for your best male friend? Selecting a gift for someone who is very special can always be a difficult task. Gifts are not easy to find. It's very important that you know what your best male friend likes. If you unable to decide as to what to gift your buddy, here are a few steps that can help you select the right gift.

• It would be advisable that you ask your best friend about the gift he wants. A small clue can save a lot of your time.
• You could make arrangements for a surprise party and invite all your friends.
• You could also pay for both of you to take a local fishing trip, play a round of golf or arrange tickets of some activity that he likes.
• If there are any sporting events going on you could gift him the tickets of his favorite game.
• Sign him up for a beer of the month club.
• Gift him tickets of amusements parks, concert or special exhibition.
• If nothing works, buy something for his car, computer, or tool chest.
• You can also gift him an autographed picture of his favorite sports star. You can also splurge on an old playing card featuring his favorite player.
• Get him a denim jacket featuring his favorite style.
What to avoid?
• Try not to be limited by stereotypes about what guys like. Your friend may well appreciate a book of poetry, a day at the spa or a ticket to a chamber music concert.
• If you are a female giving a gift to your best male friend, don't give something that implies your intimacy. Gift something which can make you both feel comfortable. You can reserve photos of yourself, expensive jewelry and racy boxer shorts if you are considering serious relationship.

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