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Flying Solo

Sometimes you just gotta get away. Get out of the office and head somewhere where the only decision you have to make is the beach or the mountains.

Relaxing and taking part in some stress-relieving activities are key when picking a vacation spot. Golf, skiing, white water rafting... whatever gets you untangled. But we're guys. And when we are on vacation we also want to go where the women are. Kind of helps in the whole relaxation process.

How about taking a trip where the single women outnumber the guys 4 to 1? How's that for relaxing?

Singles Travel International offers trips to exotic locations all over the world designed for the professional, discerning solo traveler. STI's trips are not a dating service, or one of those cheesy meet-and-greet programs. They provide trips for singles who prefer to travel alone, with other singles traveling alone. Whatever happens from there is up to you. (Did I mention that 4 to 1 ratio?)

Upcoming trips include a safari in Kenya, a Fourth of July cruise in the Bahamas, and river rafting and trekking through Ecuador. Head to www.singlestravelintl.com for more trips and details.


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