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 World Cup Cricket 2007: Winners Predicted

 Kshitij Regmi


23rd March 2003, Johannesburg

 Australia wins the world cup. Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly admits to the press that the Aussies played like champions.

 26th Feb 2007-02-24

 With only 13 days to go, every team is getting ready to fight the biggest battle of their lives. Some will fight to retain the pride, some will try for revenge, and some will fight for one win. Cricket might probably be the most celebrated sporting event in Nepal after World Cup Football.  The million dollar question that will nag us until April 28th 2007 is who will be the one to lift that Cup?

 When it looked like the Aussies would leave no room for anyone else, their last 5 straight one day defeat has raised eyebrows and teams have started gardening their chances.

Having been raised in cricket, it is not that hard to analyze what will happen to this year's world cup cricket.

 I have tried to predict the obvious and the complicated stages of the tournament and it is only time which will prove me wrong or right. After reading the article you can write to me about what you think about the ICC World Cup Cricket 2007.

  Group Stage Winners

 They required 16 teams, they have 16 teams. Apart from Bangladesh, Kenya and Zimbabwe who have the history and strength to upset some of the powerhouses of cricket, the stage winners are obvious.

 Group A:

This is probably the easiest prediction; Australia and South Africa will be the top two teams to advance to the second round. I don’t expect much resistance from Scotland and the Netherlands; both were able to make a good impression in 2003 but it's not good enough.

 Group B:

Bermuda and Bangladesh are not in form and can are hardly a challenge for the South Asian Giants, Sri-Lanka and India. The mighty blues are looking forward to repeat their 2003 world cup success where they reached the finals and this time they want to convert that final in their favor.  Sri-Lanka will be the group leader while Bangladesh still has a 10% chance, if it's lucky. 

 Group C:

After shattering the Australian pride with a 3-0 clean sweep, my choice is definitely the Kiwis, who will be followed by England.  Canada and Kenya will give some humps and bumps to both leaders and possess a 10% chance to advance into the second round.

 Group D

 Crippled by continuous problems Pakistan is still this writer’s favorite. With good luck and impressive bowling they have a chance at the Cup and West Indies will make it to the second round.  

 After this stage its good bye for The Netherlands, Scotland, Canada, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Bermuda and Scotland.

 Have your Say on who will win the world cup 2007 and get your predictions posted on eNasha.com Write to us at yourthoughts@enasha.com

  Second Stage – Super Eight Series

 This is where it gets interesting; only 4 will advance to the semi finals. Our prediction meter has the answers.

 The Top 4 Teams

1. Australia

2. South Africa

3. Pakistan

4. New Zealand

 The following teams will go home with one win in the second stage.

West Indies, England, Sri-Lanka and India 

 Semi Finals

 Australia vs. Pakistan

South Africa vs. New Zealand


 Australia vs. New Zealand


Australia will win the World Cup even without some of their best players. Ricky Pointing will say “It was an awesome win”, just as he did when he lifted the title in 2003.

 Have your Say on who will win the world cup 2007 and get your predictions posted on eNasha.com Enasha will bring you all the gossips, stories and the emotions behind this event, Lets celebrate the event together.

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