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Holi Celebration Tips

-Kshitij Regmi

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Nepal. We have been celebrating this festival of victory of good over bad ever since we can remember. This year, instead of doing the regular balloon and water  splashing, we suggest you some new ways of celebrating Holi in style!

The best part of this years' Holi is that you won't need to worry about the weather, the BBC says Kathmandu will have 'a sunny afternoon with a maximum temperature of 17 °C'.  It is going to be cool towards the end of the day but the nice warm sun behind your back will give you all the energy you need.


1.    Select an open location where you have good sunshine
2.    Bring in a good sound system and play your favorite collection of dance and popular music
3.    Have a Barbeque
4.    And of course you'll need the Colors and Water

Call all your relatives today and ask them to prepare one dish each. Get up early on Saturday (we know it's a holiday but its also  Holi) confirm all  your relatives about their participation. Gather around 11:00 am have a light breakfast, put on your protection cream, and make sure your children  don't run out on an empty stomach. Tell every one about the itinerary and start holy with a blast. It could be a surprise color attack or with the introduction of a special person.

Play well for about an hour and then get ready for a barbeque. Make sure everyone is having fun. See to it that your children aren't gorging on the 'bhang ko laddu'.

By 4 o'clock finish everything as you will need a hard bath and it usually takes time. Finish cleaning before dusk.


1.    Bikes & Cars
2.    Rain Coat (optional)
3.    Sun glasses
4.    License & Blue Book (Last year I paid Rs. 500 for not carrying my license)
5.    Colors

Don't just wander around on your bikes (remember we are in shortage of petrol).Plan a certain route and visit places like your friends' and relatives' homes with various activities prepared. Don't get angry or offended if someone throws a balloon or puts color on you ( it is holy and you play with colors, if you don't like it, stay at home)

Finish the tour by 3 PM and gather at one place, if you have plans to celebrate with drinks, do so only after you finish your bike trip. Drinking and driving is not such a great idea, unless you want to ruin the day.


1.    Party list
2.    Full Pocket
3.    A group of at least 4 people

Go to professionally organized parties. Select from the list of various parties and select one that suits your style and age group. Be careful while selecting them, otherwise you might have to end it even before it begins  and will have to wait for a whole year
again to celebrate it .


1.    Protect your belongings; use plastic wrappings for valuables like your mobile phone and purse.
2.    If some one is about to put color on you, wait and let them put it over gently, if you run or protest you might end up with nostrils full of abir.
3.    Put up a hat or a cap and sunglasses to protect your hair and eyes.
4.    Avoid cotton or heavy clothes. You might feel cold but remember heavy clothes takes longer to dry. Use an old raincoat top or a wind cheater if you are prone to cold and chest infections.
5.    Apply sunscreen.
6.    Don't do drugs.
7.    Drink responsively.
8.    If others do not want to play, don't disturb them.
9.    Use good colors; don't use enamel or other chemicals.

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